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FuguIta use case

Bob (2023-09-05 (Tue) 23:31:23)

#FuguIta. Hi, this looks interesting. When would someone use FuguIta instead of a plain OpenBSD install? What was the motivation behind the project? I could not find an "about" page.

Larger ffsimg

Kikk (2023-06-07 (Wed) 02:40:44)

First of all: fuguita is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

I wanted to build a custom version with more tools pre-installed.

It is possible to enlarge the ffsimg over 1GB (fuguita-7.3-amd64.ffsimg)?

I enlarged it to 3GB via disklabel + growfs but the remastered image no longer work.

Is there a procedure or 1GB is the maximum size?


To enlarge fuguita-7.3-amd64.ffsimg, enlarge fuguita-7.3-amd64-ffsimg and media.img that contains it in the process of building FuguIta as described in the FuguIta Guide. The following is the procedure.

First, follow the FuguIta Guide to set up the build tool.

After settng up the build tool, delete or rename lib/mode0symlinks.cpio.gz.amd64.

# mv lib/mode0symlinks.cpio.gz.amd64 lib/mode0symlinks.cpio.gz.amd64.bak

Run up to make stage.

Once the staging directory is created, make your desired customizations in the tree.

# chroot staging /bin/ksh
# exit

Once your customization is complete, measure the size of the staging directory and the number of files it contains.

# du -sk staging | awk '{print $1/1024}'  # size of staging directory in MB
# find staging -print | wc -l             # the number of files which staging directory holds

Based on this size and number of files, use to create media.img.

# make open-rdroot
# cp rdroot/boottmp/ .
# make close-all
# ./ media.img $((xxxxx+40)) 10  # xxxxx is the size of staging directory in MB.

Create fuguita-7.3-amd64.ffsimg in media.img.

# make open-media
# cd media
# ../ fuguita-7.3-amd64.ffsimg $((xxxxx+10)) yyyyy  # yyyyy is the number of files which staging directory holds.
# cd ..
# make close-all

Edit staging/etc/fuguita/global.conf as follows

fuguita_sys_mb=1028  # size of media.img  <-- Rewrite this value to current size of media.img
newdrive_defswap=16M # default swap size
                     # at usbfadm newdrive
memfstype=mfs        # 'mfs' or 'tmpfs'
mfs_max_mb=30720     # mfs hard limit - 30GB

Copy the contents of staging to ffsimg.

# make sync

Create an ISO image and gzip it.

# make iso && make gz

Run the resulting LiveDVD and usbfadm newdrive to create a LiveUSB.

That's it for the procedure.

In general, it is much easier to use FuguIta LiveUSB to save your customizations to a USB flash drive with usbfadm sync and load them in boot mode 3. See the following articles for an example of creating these.

kaw 2023-06-07 (Wed) 09:44:19


kaw (2023-05-23 (Tue) 09:37:56)

河豚板に日本語デスクトップ環境を入れたお試し版を作ってみました。 ダウンロードサイトのtestディレクトリより FuguIta-7.3-amd64-202305211-DEDemoJa.img.xz をダウンロードし、xzで解凍して8GB以上のサイズのUSBメモリに書き込んで下さい。

# xz -dc FuguIta-7.3-amd64-202305211-DEDemoJa.img.xz | dd of=/dev/XXXX bs=1m

  • 起動途中でdemoユーザのパスワードを設定しますので、入力して下さい(doas用、スクリーンロック解除用などです)。
  • 収録ソフトは以下のとおりです。
    • Xfce 4.18
    • 日本語環境: kterm 6.2.0, 日本語フォント各種, Fcitx-Anthy 5.0.10
    • FireFox 112.0.2
    • Sylpheed 3.7.0
    • Audacious 4.3
    • VLC 3.0.18
    • LibreOffice 7.5.1
  • root権限で/etc/rc.shutdownを編集することで、終了時にファイルを自動で保存するようになります。
  • pkg_add / pkg_deleteでパッケージを追加/削除した後はroot権限で「usbfadm -r」を実行して下さい。
  • ネットワークは有線LANの方が確実に繋がります。WiFiは、ファームウェアが追加不要なチップを使用しており、かつ、パスワードなしの場合に接続できるかもしれません。起動後、WiFiを使用する設定を行いたい場合はこちらを参照して下さい。
  • root権限で以下の操作を行うと、初期状態に戻ります。
    # mount -o async,noatime /dev/XXXd /mnt  ... (XXXはLiveUSBのデバイス名)
    # cd /mnt/livecd-config/7.3/amd64/fugudemoja-init
    # rsync -avxHS --delete . ../fugudemoja/.
    # cd
    # umount /mnt
  • 試作品ですので、不具合修正や改良は行いません。fiupdateによるアップデートは可能です。at your own riskでご使用下さい。

dd of #FuguIta to a USB-SSD ... gives a bootable XFCE desktop!!!

Mark B (2023-05-09 (Tue) 11:30:12)

Wow, no install process or anything. The image I "dd'd" of #FuguIta that I dd'd to a USB-SATA SSD (SSD on a USB-3 interface/cable) booted directly into an "LiveUSB-XFCE-gaytratri..." X11 session, with the usual OpenBSD puffer banner and Login/Password! How do I login to this? Your documentation does not cover this at all. It's supposed to be going into the Installation process...

Thank you! ----mark

su exits with an error

kaw (2023-05-05 (Fri) 12:42:47)

In boot mode 0, su complains that /usr/libexec/auth/login_passwd is not found and exits with an error.
A fixed version has been uploaded to the test directory of the mirrors. Please update with fiupdate for i386/amd64 LiveUSB version of #FuguIta.

Test version of FuguIta 7.3

kaw (2023-04-17 (Mon) 13:38:19)

Test version of FuguIta 7.3 has been uploaded to the mirror. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

What I would like to know are

  • How it works on newer hardware (device detection, X Window, suspend/resume, etc.)
  • How does it work with RPi4?
  • How the framebuffer and X Window work on RPi3/RPi4.
  • Operation status on arm64-based SBCs and Apple M1/M2 other than RPis.
  • Comments and suggestions for improvement using the #FuguIta's original tools
  • etc.

Thank you in advance.

Former articles are at FuguIta/BBS/13.

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