FuguIta - OpenBSD-based Live System

Yoshihiro Kawamata
FuguIta supports OpenBSD operating system.

Release 7.3

FuguIta 7.3, based on OpenBSD 7.3, was first released on April 22, 2023.

Current Release

Older Release Notes

What is FuguIta?

FuguIta is a live system based on OpenBSD operating system.



Easy to use

Tracking patches of OpenBSD

Flexible Operation

Utilize LiveUSB features

Support tools provided

Remastering and Customization

More Informations

The FuguIta Guide
English version (automatically translated from Japanese version)
河豚板ガイド(FuguIta Gaido)
Japanese original version

What does the name "FuguIta" mean?


FuguIta (fuguita.gif) stands for "Blowfish Disk" in Japanese.

Fugu means blowfish, and Ita means something flat such as a plate, a disk or a board etc...

Some Japanese might associate those who cook when hearing Ita. For them, so FuguIta also means "Blowfish Cook" as double meaning.

"FuguSashi" is an unofficial nickname for the LiveUSB version of FuguIta.
"Sashi" is a Japanese word meaning "to insert" or "to stick", but it is also an abbreviation for "sashimi".
Most Japanese people will associate "FuguSashi" with fugu sashimi.
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*1 Minimum memory requirement is about 70 MB under the condition of i386 platform/boot mode 1/no X

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