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HDD installed version set to no prompts at startup

Rufwoof (2018-05-24 (Thu) 22:42:56)

With jwm window manager installed and pcmanfm file manager.

Using pcmanfm to also provide the desktop i.e. added

  <StartupCommand>pcmanfm --desktop</StartupCommand>

to ~/.jwmrc

Image : &ref(): File not found: "image.jpg" at page "FuguIta/BBS/7";

Fuguita 6.3 LiveCD

Rufwoof (2018-05-24 (Thu) 08:26:43)

Worked great for me. Thanks. Posted about it over on reddit

Acer Aspire with Phenom 4core, onboard Radeon, 2GB RAM. Booting the fuguita ISO version (DVD). Have OpenBSD installed to HDD and the live-boot version seems to have picked up/used the HDD installed swap slice OK.

Changing default boot parameters

Chevyawesome (2018-04-26 (Thu) 23:44:57)

Hey, I want to build a LiveCD and make so that upon boot it will apply the language and disk to use on it’s own ( as of now it requires me manually pressing enter a couple times and selecting keyboard layout to boot), I steered a way to change the default settings for this?, and if so, how can I achieve this

how to get OpenBSD file tree?

shaman123 (2018-04-24 (Tue) 23:45:33)

hey, I'm trying to build my own liveCD of OpenBSD, and I'm stuck at the stage of the tutorial where I need to cd to my OpenBSD file tree:
"Whole OpenBSD file tree which will be burned in the ISO image" where can I get this?

build tools

kaw (2018-04-18 (Wed) 21:01:03)

Build tools for FuguIta 6.3 was located under tools directory

FuguIta 6.3

kaw (2018-04-09 (Mon) 11:58:36)

I'm working for FuguIta 6.3 release.
On this release, some issues occured;

  • tmpfs is broken on 6.3 kernel ... solved
  • X server doesn't read symlink of font file (for security reason) ... now working
  • etc...

Wait the release for some time, please.

inaccessible man pages in mode 2

aleksa (2018-02-01 (Thu) 00:09:03)

Hi kaw!

I tried the latest FuguIta.img (6.2-i386-201801201) and noticed that in mode 2 the man pages are inaccessible (e. g. # man man gives ‘man: No entry for man in the manual.’).

FuguIta 6.2 for arm64

kaw (2017-10-20 (Fri) 11:42:05)

This is the test version. Here is a README:

Note about FuguIta-6.2-arm64 (test version)

* download miniroot62-arm64-fi.fs and FuguIta-6.2-arm64-201710241.img.gz from
  FuguIta's mirror site
* write miniroot62-arm64-fi.fs to a micro SD card
* unzip and write FuguIta-6.2-arm64-201710241.img.gz to a USB stick
* Attach the SD and the USB to RPi3, then boot.
* On FuguIta-6.2-arm64, networking is pre-configured.
   IP addr.:
   SSH port: 4272

* After boot started, about 75sec it replies for PING,
  and about 110sec SSH is available.
* Console device is still serial port.
  You can login via serial and network.
  (username = fuguita, password = fugu.ita)

System administration:
* Almost same as FuguIta i386/amd64, but 'newdrive' of usbfadm utility
  will not work properly. 'target', 'saveas' and 'sync' are OK.
* sd0d:/noasks is the file which holds FuguIta's auto-boot configurations.
* sd0d:/livecd-config/6.2/arm64/fuguita.orig holds the factory defaults.
  You can recover by overwriting fuguita.orig to fuguita directory.

Have fun!

Yoshihiro KAWAMATA


Charlie Ebert (2017-10-14 (Sat) 02:11:31)

Hi Kawa.
I tried 6.2 last night .fs and it was SLOW. Took over 2 hours to install. ran very slow after install and for head yery slow. I don't think their Intel Skylake stuff is working right.
It was disaster.
Waiting for Fugulta 6.2

Think their install6.2.fs image is bad

Installed application man page

aleksa (2017-07-15 (Sat) 05:16:53)

Hi jaw!
After booting in mode 0, installing an application, syncing and rebooting into mode 3 I cannot access the man page for the application.

# man wget
results in
man: /ram/usr/local/man//usr/local/man/man1/wget.1: ERROR: No such file or directory

Broken links

aleksa (2017-07-13 (Thu) 05:57:01)

Hi kaw!
It seems the links to 0_README.SAMPLE.txt at quick start guide and faq to be broken.

MD5 & 6.1 tools

aleksa (2017-07-03 (Mon) 23:28:52)

Hi kaw!
Could you plz add MD5 sums for FuguIta-6.1-*-201707011 files as well as the 6.1 tools?

Cleaning my keyboard up.

kaw (2017-06-16 (Fri) 05:19:17)



kaw (2017-04-15 (Sat) 10:11:41)

Now, I am working on the release of a new version of a FuguIta.

Former articles are at FuguIta/BBS/6.

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