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kaw (2017-02-02 (Thu) 07:13:29)

  • fixing /etc/mtree/special
  • $PATH addition
  • sysctl.conf addition
  • installed stale files

Where are the scripts and different gui ?

FuguIta-src code and graphical changes (2017-01-01 (Sun) 02:38:05)

I desperately want to make FuguIta with other GUI (Window Manager and Desktop flavors),long time favorite are Openbox.
So either the installation make scripts or want an iso for amd64 with OpenBox .

mode 2+3

aleksa (2016-12-15 (Thu) 10:36:51)

Hi kaw!
Is possible to boot into a hybrid 2+3 mode so that I could remove (unplug) the bootable flash drive after boot ?

Binary update files

kaw (2016-11-12 (Sat) 12:59:07)

そういやあんまり宣伝してないけど、OpenBSDのerattaが出るたびにバイナリパッチ作ってダウンロードできる場所に置いてたんだった。ユーザ諸氏におかれましてはyour own riskでご利用下さい。

Thank you for the version 6.0 i386 .img file

jayseye (2016-11-02 (Wed) 15:38:40)

Very glad to see FuguIta updated. Is there a way to convert an .iso into an .img file? I'm a developer and system administrator (DevOps), and have noticed that the .iso files tend to be released before the .img files for new OpenBSD releases.

Also, are you interested in having more English-speaking users? Download speeds are good here in the US, from the FuguIta mirrors. Several features have been added or improved since FuguIta was last mentioned on and

In addition, I listen to 3 OpenBSD-related podcasts: BSD Now, BSD Talk, and Garbage. I would gladly inform the hosts of these shows about FuguIta if you are interested. A short description of your academic and / or work affiliation would tend to increase interest in FuguIta among security-conscious BSD (and Linux) users.

If you'd like help with any of the above, such as proof-reading, copy editing, or making contacts, please let me know. Thanks again.

i386 tools

thiriet (2016-10-31 (Mon) 06:13:04)

Hi kaw!

Could you upload the i386 tools? I would like to tune my FuguIta LiveCD for my students.
Thanks for your work!

FuguIta 6.0

kaw (2016-09-15 (Thu) 21:36:13)

FuguIta 6.0をリリースしました。


64 bit

Charlie Ebert (2016-08-06 (Sat) 12:23:29)

OpenBSD 6.0 comes September 1!

FuguIta for amd64

kaw (2016-07-25 (Mon) 07:41:59)

I built a test version of FuguIta running on amd64.
This contains OpenBSD/amd64 without additional softwares unlike i386 version.
You can download it from one of following URLs .


User from Oklahoma U.S.A.

Charlie Ebert (2016-03-17 (Thu) 11:13:45)

I have been using this for several versions on USBDISK.
I just can't wait to see the 5.9 version when it comes out.
There is supposed to be a VM in that version!!! YEAH!!!!
Anyway, thank you for all your work. I do wonder why you don't also
have a 64 bit version of this same FuguIta software?

Thank you very much


kaw (2015-12-31 (Thu) 10:16:45)

これは、先日お知らせした河豚板 5.8-201511297での大幅な機能変更を機に新たに作成したものです。




My facebook address

kaw (2015-12-02 (Wed) 03:25:11)


Friend request from you is welcome.

Some enhancements at boot time

kaw (2015-12-02 (Wed) 02:52:34)

I've made some enhancements on boot time operation at FuguIta 5.8 201511297.
I'll describe about details on every enhancement as follows;

1. FuguIta tries to scan all through the disk devices detected.
1.1. In former versions, the drive is recognized as FuguIta system when following conditions are met;
/fuguita.ffsimg exists in the partition /dev/[csw]d[0-9]a , or
/ISO/FuguIta-?.?-?????????.iso exists in the partition /dev/[csw]d[0-9]i .

At this new version, FuguIta system device is found with following conditions;
/fuguita-${osrelease}.ffs.img , or
/ISO/FuguIta-${osrelease}-?????????.iso exists in the partition /dev/[csw]d[0-9][ad-p] .

${osrelease} means the version of OpenBSD which FuguIta is based on.
At this version or later, for example, when you boot FuguIta 5.8, devices which FuguIta 5.7 is installed will be ignored.

1.2. For FuguIta's storage devices, it's alike described above.
At older versions of FuguIta, when booting with mode-3, saved data was loaded from the partition d of the last detected disk device. It was not selectable.
At this new version, FuguIta tries to detect his storage partition from the attached all partitions out of /dev/[csw]d[0-9][ad-p] .
Then the user can select the device, refering the list of detected ones.
It should be noted that the partition for the data storage in the past versions are compatible.

1.3. About the section 1.1. and 1.2. described above, at the user's input, default value will be prompted only when the detected partition is a single.
In this case, pressing enter key is accepted as the default value.
If multiple partitions found, the default value will not be set.
So the user should enter the name of partition explicitly.

Note that the user can enter an arbitrary value, with ignoring the candidates.

1.4. "noasks" is the configuration file for non-interactive boot.
It has been changed that non-interactive boot will be enabled when a single noasks file found.
So, if two or more partitions have noasks file, FuguIta will not boot automatically.

1.5. By the enhancement described at 1.2., new parameter "noask_confdev" was added. This can be set in "noasks" file.
After you saved your data with usbfadm utility, it will be loaded from the partition what you set in noasks file as , for example, "noask_confdev = 'sd1d'".

1.6. If the OpenBSD swap partition is found, that it will be automatically activated.

2. The default value of tmpfs size is set to 0.
On input, pressing only Enter key is regarded as entering "0".
0 means automatic size resizing.
OpenBSD kernel handles tmpfs size according to the amount of total file size of stored in its file system.
(plus, if the swap partition is enabled, you can also create a large files than the installed memory)
Not by default, the tmpfs can hold files those total size is up to the number you entered (in MB).

3. As described above, since the device detection method at the boot time has changed significantly, even in the same version 'FuguIta 5.8'
(for instance, older version such as '5.8-201510255', '5.8-201511111'...), these have been incompatible with this new version.
Please keep in mind that it can not be used in mixed to.

Because significant feature modified as described above, it is currently under tests.
If you are interested in this new features, feel free to download and use it. This is under test directory of the download sites.
Your reports, requests and questions will be appreciated.
They may be directed to, or posted to this BBS.

Thank you.


kaw (2015-11-29 (Sun) 23:12:16)

河豚板 5.8-201511297において、起動部分に大幅な機能変更を行いました。以下にその内容を記します;

1. 全てのドライブ、パーティションをスキャンするようにしました。

1.1. 今迄は、パーティション
/dev/[csw]d[0-9]a 上のファイルシステムに /fuguita.ffs.img および、
/dev/[csw]d[0-9]i 上のファイルシステムに /ISO/FuguIta-?.?-?????????.iso
/fuguita-${osrelease}.ffs.img または、
/ISO/FuguIta-${osrelease}-?????????.iso のどちらかが見つかった場合、そのパーティションに河豚板のシステムが存在していると認識するようになりました。

1.2. データ保存用のパーティションについても同様です。
という決め打ち方式でしたが、本バージョンからは/dev/[csw]d[0-9][ad-p] を全てスキャンして、見つかったデータ保存用のパーティションの一覧を表示し、ユーザがパーティションを指定するように変更されました。

1.3. 前項の1.1. 1.2. でドライブ、パーティションを入力する場合、見つかったものが1つしかない場合のみ、それがデフォルト値として設定されます。

1.4. non-interactive起動(ユーザが手動で各種設定値を入力せず、自動で起動する方式)用のファイル /noasks が有効になるのは、全パーティションをスキャンして /noasks が一個しか検出されなかった場合のみとなりました。
複数のドライブから /noasks が見つかった場合は、自動起動は無効となります。

1.5. 項目 1.2. の機能追加に伴ない、noaskファイルでの設定値として、"noask_confdev"が新設されました。

1.6. OpenBSDのswapパーティションが見つかった場合、そのパーティションは自動的にスワップパーティションとして有効化されます。

2. tmpfsサイズ設定のデフォルト値が 0 に変更されました。
入力時、Enterのみを入力すると、0 が入力されたものと見做されます。

3. 今迄述べてきたように、システム起動時のデバイス検出方法が大幅に変ったため、同じ河豚板5.8であっても、本バージョンより古い5.8-201510255, 5.8-201511111 などとは非互換となっています。

以上のように大幅な機能変更なので、現在動作テスト中です。河豚板 5.8-201511297 は testディレクトリにありますので、興味のある方はダウンロードして使ってみて下さい。不具合や疑問点などございましたらこの掲示板、あるいは 宛お知らせ下さい。

Former articles are at FuguIta/BBS/5.

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