Bug Tracking System for FuguIta 4.6

LiveCD/4.6/BTS/4209着手malfunctionkawProblems on Playing Video
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/4403着手kawArtwork needed.
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/1完了to be configuredkawmore file compression
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/2完了to be codedkawnon-interactive boot should be interruptible by ^C
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/3完了to be codedkawInfinite error boot should be detected and paused.
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/4完了to be configuredkaw/usr/mdec/* must not be stripped.
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/5完了kaw/boottmp/rc aborts when cancelled non-interactive boot
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/6完了new featurekawEnhancements of usbfadm, fdadm
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/7完了kawprebuilding symlinks
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/8完了kawmiscomment in /boottmp/rc
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/9完了to be codedkawrox missing in .twmrc
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/10完了普通malfunctionkawusbfadm fails on input
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/11完了普通malfunctionkawstale lock dir when non-root invoked usbfadm
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/12完了普通kawEmpty directories aren't created under /mfs .
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/13完了kawNewline may be inserted after Extracting... @mode3
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/14完了to be configuredkawX Window Manager defaults to IceWM
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/15完了to be configuredkawcrypto keys at fresh boot
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/4412完了kawsoftwares to be added
LiveCD/4.6/BTS/16提案malfunctionkawusbfadm: Entering '*', it globs unwantedly, when newdrive with rlwrap fallback.


Older References

LiveCD/4.5/BTS, LiveCD/4.4/BTS, LiveCD/4.3/BTS, LiveCD/4.2/BTS, LiveCD/4.1/BTS, LiveCD/4.0/BTS, LiveCD/3.9TODO

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