*FuguIta-4.6 [#x31e727f]
-[[''Test Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/test/]]
--2009-09-06 - First ISO image as a test release.
---Based on OpenBSD 4.6 (not official release yet)
---No additional application softwares

--2009-09-27 - beta test toward the official release
---some applications software not installed yet

--2009-10-18 - Release Candidate
---This release is very near to Official Release. Almost no differences.

-[[''Official Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/]]
--FuguIta-4.6-200910191 ... first official release

--2009-10-24 - [[Build tool>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/tools]] released.

--FuguIta-4.6-200910302 ... patch 003 applied
---getsockopt(2) with any of IP_AUTH_LEVEL, IP_ESP_TRANS_LEVEL, IP_ESP_NETWORK_LEVEL, IP_IPCOMP_LEVEL will crash the system. 

--FuguIta-4.6-200911291 ... patch 004 applied
---The SSL/TLS protocol is subject to man-in-the-middle attacks related to renegotiation (see CVE-2009-3555,draft-ietf-tls-renegotiation-00).

--FuguIta-4.6-201001061 ... speed enhancement for mode0 boot
---At boot mode 0, duration of copying/linking files has been reduced. ~
See [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/7]] for detail.

--FuguIta-4.6-201001161 ... enhancement of /boottmp/usbfadm ~
Partial solution for [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/6]].
---command line editing with readline, and TAB to completion
---subcommands renamed: dsn -> saveas, rescan -> target
---new subcommand: newsys -- Generage new LiveUSB from running LiveCD/LiveUSB.

--FuguIta-4.6-201001232 ... more enhancements of /boottmp/usbfadm
---subcommand renamed: newsys -> newdrive
---newdrive -- set partition size for saveing data ~
and the rest was allocated as FAT.

--FuguIta-4.6-201001301 ... some fixes
---[[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/10]] fixed.
---some minor enhancements on usbfadm

---patch 005 applied ... By using ptrace(2) on an ancestor process, a loop in the process tree could be created, violating assumptions in other parts of the kernel and resulting in infinite loops.
---some minor fixes on usbfadm

---Fixed [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/12]] and [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/13]].

---Following patches applied;
~* 006: SECURITY FIX: March 12, 2010   All architectures
OpenSSL is susceptible to a buffer overflow due to a failure to check for NULL returns from bn_wexpand function calls. 
~* 007: RELIABILITY FIX: March 12, 2010   All architectures
Due to a null pointer dereference, it would be possible to crash ftpd when handling glob(3)'ing requests. This is non-exploitable. 
---Configurations changed;
~* [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/14]] ... default window manager changed to IceWM. and ROX-Filer also launched at xinit/startx. 
~* [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS/15]] ... When fresh boot (mode 0, 1 and 2), no ask for generating cryptographic keys or not. They are always automatically generated.

Bug tracking system is at [[LiveCD/4.6/BTS]].

Return to [[en/LiveCD]]

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