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**HDD installed version set to no prompts at startup [#x6e76b02]
>[[Rufwoof]] (2018-05-24 (Thu) 22:42:56)~
With jwm window manager installed and pcmanfm file manager.~
Using pcmanfm to also provide the desktop i.e. added ~
   <StartupCommand>pcmanfm --desktop</StartupCommand>
to ~/.jwmrc~
Image : &ref(image.jpg,,50%); ~

- Old version of FuguIta came with IceWM and ROX filer. Now they are able to be added by pkg_add. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-05-26 (Sat) 00:27:42};

**Fuguita 6.3 LiveCD [#h328b23e]
>[[Rufwoof]] (2018-05-24 (Thu) 08:26:43)~
Worked great for me. Thanks. Posted about it over on reddit~
Acer Aspire with Phenom 4core, onboard Radeon, 2GB RAM. Booting the fuguita ISO version (DVD). Have OpenBSD installed to HDD and the live-boot version seems to have picked up/used the HDD installed swap slice OK.~

- Rufwoof, thank you for reporting.  ~
As you mentioned, FuguIta scans all disk devices at startup and enables all OpenBSD swap partitions found.  ~
If the swap partition is enabled, the maximum size of tmpfs is the sum of the size of the real memory plus the size of the swap partition.~
By the way, by copying some files of FuguIta to HDD partition, OpenBSD installed on HDD and FuguIta can coexist.~
1. Create a directory named "ISO" on a partition on HDD.~
OpenBSD ffs, Linux ext2-4, NTFS or FAT is OK for that.~
2. Copy decompressed FuguIta ISO image to the "ISO" directory.~
3. Copy the FuguIta kernels (/sysmedia/bsd-fi and /sysmedia/ files on running FuguIta) to the OpenBSD root partition of HDD.  ~
4. At the boot prompt at HDD startup, enter as follows.  ~
or "bsd-fi" for uniprocessor kernel~
5. optional: If you made a directory called "livecd-config" on any FFS partition, [[you can save>FuguIta/FAQ#wb58c8f8]] all your files, installed packages, etc on Running FuguIta, then [[you can load>FuguIta/FAQ#wb58c8f8]] them at next boot. ~
Please give it a try. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-05-24 (Thu) 10:04:42};
- Thanks K. That all worked excepting 5. I can't seem to get that to work. I tried using one of the HDD installed OpenBSD partitions and added a livecd-config folder, but when I run usbfadm it doesn't see that. I suspect I should be using another non HDD OpenBSD ffs partition? I like fuguita very much, its quite similar to Puppy Linux frugal install is many respects. -- [[Rufwoof]] &new{2018-05-24 (Thu) 19:24:59};
- As I forgot to mention, the ffs partition which will be created "livecd-config" on, needs to be something other than the one that created "ISO". Because, the partition of "ISO" is mounted read-only all the time during FuguIta's operation. &br; The partition of "livecd-config" must be ffs. It doesn't matter it's HDD or non-HDD.&br;I have heard that FuguIta is similar to Puppy Linux before. Thanks -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-05-24 (Thu) 21:01:31};
- Thanks. I've since done a HDD install, and set it to non interactive at bootup as per your help pages and that is working well for me. I'm saving using /boottmp/usbfadm before shutdown. I haven't seen anything yet about upgrading when a new/later ISO comes out, does that involve having to re-reinstall all over again? -- [[Rufwoof]] &new{2018-05-24 (Thu) 21:59:56};
- More usually under standard OpenBSD I use openup (Mtier) to upgrade things. I guess that could also be used under FuguIta -- [[Rufwoof]] &new{2018-05-24 (Thu) 22:01:50};
- The FuguIta upgrade procedure is described in the [[FuguIta Guide>河豚板ガイド]].~
This is a comprehensive document about FuguIta, the original version is written in Japanese.~
For the upgrade, please refer to [[this part>FuguItaGuide#h2ce3537]] (Google translate is your friend).~
In any case, the best way to upgrade FuguIta is to download the new version and replace it with the old one.~
FuguIta combines read-only and read-write parts. This point is very different from OpenBSD.~
So, unfortunately, syspatch will not work well (since it is not a GENERIC kernel, especially in the case of kernels).~
If the base OpenBSD version has not changed, the data saved under livecd-config can be used as it is.~
If the version has changed, I think that you will manually migrate the data in livecd-config to the new environment. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-05-25 (Fri) 10:25:38};

**Changing default boot parameters [#f0378221]
>[[Chevyawesome]] (2018-04-26 (Thu) 23:44:57)~
Hey, I want to build a LiveCD and make so that upon boot it will apply the language and disk to use on it’s own ( as of now it requires me manually pressing enter a couple times and selecting keyboard layout to boot), I steered a way to change the default settings for this?, and if so, how can I achieve this~

- If you use the LiveUSB version of FuguIta, your settings are able to be saved. And it is also able to extract at later boot time.  Please refer [[operation example>]] for that. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-28 (Sat) 01:38:23};
- yes, but is it possible to change them on the LiveCD?, so it won't ask me for keyboard layouts and location of the system? -- [[Chevyawesome]] &new{2018-04-29 (Sun) 21:15:34};
- just to be clear, I want the system to boot with a pre-configured root password and not having to input it manually each time (on specifically LiveCD, I am NOT interested in the liveUSB because it is rewriteable) -- [[Chevyawesome]] &new{2018-04-29 (Sun) 22:46:59};
- OK, I see. You want to have your own LiveCD. So please refer [[FuguIta/FAQ/SelfBuild]].~
To not ask at boot time, modify /boottmp/rc script as you like: ~
 make open-rdroot
 vi rdroot/boottmp/rc
 make close-all
~ -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-30 (Mon) 15:14:38};

**how to get OpenBSD file tree? [#af9ba9d7]
>[[shaman123]] (2018-04-24 (Tue) 23:45:33)~
hey, I'm trying to build my own liveCD of OpenBSD, and I'm stuck at the stage of the tutorial where I need to cd to my OpenBSD file tree:~
"Whole OpenBSD file tree which will be burned in the ISO image" where can I get this?~

- The simplest way to do it is that you will install normal OpenBSD on any disk device, and copy whole installed files and directories into build tool. ~
As the second solution, *.tgz tarballs from OpenBSD's official distribution is also usable. But in this case, you must extract /var/sysmerge/etc??.tgz (and xetc??.tgz) after extract distributed tarballs. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-25 (Wed) 14:09:02};

- In any case, total size of file tree must be less than 700MB, or you must delete any unnecessary files to fit ISO image of CD. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-25 (Wed) 14:45:33};
- very helpful! I will try!, also, is there a was to do the same but LiveDVD (just so I can fit more)? -- [[shaman123]] &new{2018-04-25 (Wed) 16:21:35};
- Although I've never been made LiveDVD with FuguIta's way,  I'm guessing it is the same as  LiveCD's way.&br; But, some sizes of image files, partitions and file systems should be changed to fit to the size of DVD media.&br; In addition to that, size of media (700MB) is hard coded in the utility "usbfadm".&br; This must be also changed. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-29 (Sun) 12:22:53};

**build tools [#cb165de1]
>[[kaw]] (2018-04-18 (Wed) 21:01:03)~
Build tools for FuguIta 6.3 was located under tools directory~


**FuguIta 6.3 [#a6c656ab]
>[[kaw]] (2018-04-09 (Mon) 11:58:36)~
I'm working for FuguIta 6.3 release.~
On this release, some issues occured;~
-tmpfs is broken on 6.3 kernel ... solved~
-X server doesn't read symlink of font file (for security reason) ... now working~

>Wait the release for some time, please.~

- ISO images for test was uploaded at ''test'' directory. See [[FuguIta/6.3]]. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-10 (Tue) 12:28:39};
- FuguIta 6.3 has been just released as FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201804122. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-04-13 (Fri) 10:56:42};

**inaccessible man pages in mode 2 [#h9017737]
>[[aleksa]] (2018-02-01 (Thu) 00:09:03)~
Hi kaw!~
I tried the latest FuguIta.img (6.2-i386-201801201) and noticed that in mode 2 the man pages are inaccessible (e. g. # man man gives ‘man: No entry for man in the manual.’).~

- Hi, Aleksa. Thank you for the report. Changes made in 6.2 may be affected ... [[FuguIta/6.2/BTS/2]]. I will investigate, please wait for a while now. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-02-02 (Fri) 19:43:14};
- Please apply following patch;
 --- man.conf.old        Sun Feb  4 11:11:07 2018
 +++ man.conf    Sun Feb  4 11:08:20 2018
 @@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
  manpath /fuguita/usr/share/man
  manpath /fuguita/usr/X11R6/man
  manpath /fuguita/usr/local/man
 +manpath /usr/share/man
 +manpath /usr/X11R6/man
  manpath /usr/local/man
  # Options for terminal output.
Now, I'm working for patch-005, 006 and 007.
Above patch will be included, together. -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-02-04 (Sun) 11:52:51};
- released 201802041 -- [[kaw]] &new{2018-02-05 (Mon) 11:23:01};
- Thanks a lot ! -- [[aleksa]] &new{2018-02-05 (Mon) 23:44:37};

**FuguIta 6.2 for arm64 [#f72de789]
>[[kaw]] (2017-10-20 (Fri) 11:42:05)~
This is the test version. Here is a README:
 Note about FuguIta-6.2-arm64 (test version)
 * download miniroot62-arm64-fi.fs and FuguIta-6.2-arm64-201710241.img.gz from
   FuguIta's mirror site
 * write miniroot62-arm64-fi.fs to a micro SD card
 * unzip and write FuguIta-6.2-arm64-201710241.img.gz to a USB stick
 * Attach the SD and the USB to RPi3, then boot.
 * On FuguIta-6.2-arm64, networking is pre-configured.
    IP addr.:
    SSH port: 4272
 * After boot started, about 75sec it replies for PING,
   and about 110sec SSH is available.
 * Console device is still serial port.
   You can login via serial and network.
   (username = fuguita, password = fugu.ita)
 System administration:
 * Almost same as FuguIta i386/amd64, but 'newdrive' of usbfadm utility
   will not work properly. 'target', 'saveas' and 'sync' are OK.
 * sd0d:/noasks is the file which holds FuguIta's auto-boot configurations.
 * sd0d:/livecd-config/6.2/arm64/fuguita.orig holds the factory defaults.
   You can recover by overwriting fuguita.orig to fuguita directory.
 Have fun!
 Yoshihiro KAWAMATA

- *+ -- [[Charlie Ebert]] &new{2017-11-02 (Thu) 03:07:52};

**6.2 [#ta227bd3]
>Charlie Ebert (2017-10-14 (Sat) 02:11:31)~
Hi Kawa.~
I tried 6.2 last night .fs and it was SLOW.  Took over 2 hours to install.~ ran very slow after install and for head yery slow.  I don't think their Intel Skylake stuff is working right.~
It was disaster. ~
Waiting for Fugulta 6.2 ~
Think their install6.2.fs image is bad~

- Charlie, I have just made beta version of FuguIta 6.2 . [[Try it.>]] -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-14 (Sat) 10:42:00};
- downloading.  Will write tomorrow Kaw.   need test time  dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda being done.  Plan on stalling this to sda   -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-14 (Sat) 12:06:26};
- Kaw.  I had to work today.  But I did get it installed to USbdisk.  it is slow.  I need to make xorg.conf and disable trackpad a it's out of control, at least tweak the trackpak.  And do some research on what might be needed in xorg.conf with reguards to skylake intell. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-15 (Sun) 12:52:57};
- from a conole standpoint FuguIta 6.2 is all working fine.  I have made encypted install, used ssh to access my severs, used usbfadm to sync everything worked very good. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-15 (Sun) 12:55:06};
- Have downloaded i386 FuguIta.  Seeking relief from Skylake and i2c code.  Will test tonight. -- [[Charlie Ebert ]] &new{2017-10-16 (Mon) 04:16:07};
- Today I did a brief test of FuguIta-6.2-i386-201710131.iso.gz   I have made a video of my failure to boot this image from a dvd. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-16 (Mon) 11:31:39};
- -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-16 (Mon) 11:32:26};
- Charlie, very thanks for the report. I watched the video. It seems a problem of video chip and/or its kernel driver. 1) When booting disabling video driver by UKC, does the machine still fail to boot? 2) What about other machine by booting the DVD? -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-16 (Mon) 13:35:02};
- Kaw.  I drive a Semi Truck for a living and currently only have this one Dell 4G Ram laptop with me.  but I do own a dozen other laptos at my home in Oklahoma.  I typiclly use FuguIta I386 on my Dell mini 10 with 1G of RAM.  We will have to wait until I get home to try other laptops.  What do I do to disable UKC for my test on this laptop? -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 01:15:52};
- okay -c   I will play with this kaw -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 01:37:04};
- boot /bsd -c   but, I haven't run fw_update yet and have no drivers downloaded to disable yet?  so, what was kaw wanting me to do????????  I did a ? and got a list of commands in UKC    But, I didn't know what to do from there.  Downloading Openbsd i386 install.iso and going to try that and see what happens. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 01:49:20};
- -- [[ce ]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:11:41};
- how do I use UKC to disable video driver on FuguIta i386?????   need example..   meanwhile,,  i386openbsd.iso boots just fine to install ,,,  hummmmmm -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:13:27};
- kaw put no fw_update blobs on dvd???  did he???? -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:14:16};
- booted FuguIta i386 in qemu under Linux.  came up fine.  /etc/firmware is full of blobs...  trying to man the video driver first -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:29:07};
- After booting i386 FuguIta into qemu in Linux, I did man pages on all drives found in /etc/firmware.... -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:42:43};
- two of the drivers were for audio cards I'm assuming you use.  The rest were all for ethernet or wifi cards which I"m also assuming you use.  But, I could not identify any video card drivers using man on any driver found there. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:43:36};
- I am left to assume you want me to disable some 'other' video driver found in the Openbsd kernel using UKC,,, but,, I just don't have a clue what that would be, OR how you would do that?  You will have to give me instructions on this Kaw. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:45:13};
- -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:48:15};
- I have reasoned out what I need to do now.  Bring up FuguIta i386 in qemu again.  Install NEWDRIVE to USBDISK in QEMU.  Then boot up USBDISK in QEMU and delete all drivers in /etc/firmware.   Next, rebood Fugulta i386 USBDISK on laptop and fw_update from ethernet port connection   This should do the trick... -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 08:58:38};
- Charlie, your DELL laptop seems to be driven by 'inteldrm'.  How is the following commands?
 boot> -c
 UKC> disable inteldrm
 UKC> verbose
 UKC> quit
'verbose' shows result of detections for all drivers. ~
BTW, I use DELL latitude D520 for development of FuguIta. Of course, it has no problem to boot both i386 and amd64. -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 11:07:29};
- I've been working with FuguIta all evening here.  Got the i386 to come up thanks to your help.  I can not startx in i386 however, must write a xorg.conf file I suppose.  And I've installed FuguIta AMD64 to a 2tb hard external drive and updated the drivers on it. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 14:40:56};
- I have also made another video and posted on my bitchute place. -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 14:42:01};
- -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-17 (Tue) 14:42:19};
- Charlie, thank you for the video report.  I found I missed to add 'machdep.allowaperture=2' in /etc/sysctl.conf . This is needed for some video cards including QEMU. Now rebuilding new version. %%Then at this version, you may not have to disable inteldrm at UKC hopefully.%% -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-18 (Wed) 10:45:05};
- Thank you  -- [[ce]] &new{2017-10-19 (Thu) 15:15:40};
- After switching out laptop's  OPENBSD and Fuguita are working just fine.  The other mid range DELL  used earlier had mother board damage and it was discovered . -- [[Charlie Ebert]] &new{2017-11-02 (Thu) 08:41:29};

**Installed application man page [#z8a594aa]
>[[aleksa]] (2017-07-15 (Sat) 05:16:53)~
Hi jaw!~
After booting in mode 0, installing an application, syncing and rebooting into mode 3 I cannot access the man page for the application.~
# man wget~
results in~
man: /ram/usr/local/man//usr/local/man/man1/wget.1: ERROR: No such file or directory~

- Run makewhatis manually. or wait until next /etc/weekly will be executed. -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-07-15 (Sat) 10:30:15};
- Running makewhatis worked. Thank you for help. -- [[aleksa]] &new{2017-07-16 (Sun) 03:32:42};
- I have a plan to solve this problem at FuguIta 6.2 . -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-16 (Mon) 13:40:41};

**Broken links [#q3270079]
>[[aleksa]] (2017-07-13 (Thu) 05:57:01)~
Hi kaw!~
It seems the links to 0_README.SAMPLE.txt at quick start guide and faq to be broken.~

- Fixed it just now. Thanks for info me. -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-07-15 (Sat) 09:57:31};
- Two instances of See " this operation example" in FAQ remain broken. -- [[aleksa]] &new{2017-07-15 (Sat) 16:53:57};
- Fixied them too. Again, thanks a ''lot''. -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-07-17 (Mon) 10:52:56};

**MD5 & 6.1 tools [#b885b383]
>[[aleksa]] (2017-07-03 (Mon) 23:28:52)~
Hi kaw!~
Could you plz add MD5 sums for FuguIta-6.1-*-201707011 files as well as the 6.1 tools?~

- Now, I'm working for the next release which is applying patch-014. Please wait. &br;(Sorry for late reply)-- [[kaw]] &new{2017-07-08 (Sat) 08:17:12};
- released FuguIta-6.1-*-201707091, tools/tools-6.1-*.tar.xz, and updated MD5 checksums. -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-07-10 (Mon) 09:53:12};
- Thanks a lot! -- [[aleksa]] &new{2017-07-10 (Mon) 11:32:14};

**Cleaning my keyboard up. [#j401704f]
>[[kaw]] (2017-06-16 (Fri) 05:19:17)~


**FuguIta-6.1 [#h6094c7e]
>[[kaw]] (2017-04-15 (Sat) 10:11:41)~
Now, I am working on the release of a new version of a FuguIta.~

- Release candidate is at . -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-04-16 (Sun) 13:38:08};

Former articles are at [[FuguIta/BBS/6]].
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