Bug Tracking System for FuguIta 4.0

ڡ̾ ͥ ƥ꡼ Ƽ ޥ
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/10 enhancement kaw Boot binaries should go crunched.
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/1 λ fault kaw xterm dies by Ctrl+Button
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/2 λ error kaw can't touch file
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/3 λ enhancement kaw Banner Message
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/4 λ to be set kaw machdep.userldt not set
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/5 λ to be set kaw Info of Riece not seen
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/6 λ to be set kaw W3M built without Migemo
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/7 λ to be set kaw kterm-rc not found
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/8 λ to be set kaw Emacs built without Xaw3d
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/14 λ error kaw Cats not seen at Mew's splash
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/15 λ error kaw unreadable font at kterm
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/16 λ to be set kaw w3m must be without japanese flavor
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/17 λ to be set kaw Can't read info of Gauche
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/9 enhancement kaw Playing more smoothly with MPlayer
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/11 enhancement kaw Choosing local TZ at boottime.
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/12 error kaw Cannot allocate mfs over 1GB
LiveCD/4.0/BTS/13 enhancement kaw Non-interactive mode of usbfadm, fdadm

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Last-modified: 2006-10-04 (Wed) 12:27:24 (5315d)