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HDD installed version set to no prompts at startup

Rufwoof? (2018-05-24 (Thu) 22:42:56)

With jwm window manager installed and pcmanfm file manager.

Using pcmanfm to also provide the desktop i.e. added

  <StartupCommand>pcmanfm --desktop</StartupCommand>

to ~/.jwmrc

Image : &ref(): File not found: "image.jpg" at page "FuguIta/BBS/7";

  • Old version of FuguIta came with IceWM and ROX filer. Now they are able to be added by pkg_add. -- kaw? 2018-05-26 (Sat) 00:27:42

Fuguita 6.3 LiveCD

Rufwoof? (2018-05-24 (Thu) 08:26:43)

Worked great for me. Thanks. Posted about it over on reddit

Acer Aspire with Phenom 4core, onboard Radeon, 2GB RAM. Booting the fuguita ISO version (DVD). Have OpenBSD installed to HDD and the live-boot version seems to have picked up/used the HDD installed swap slice OK.

  • Rufwoof, thank you for reporting.
    As you mentioned, FuguIta scans all disk devices at startup and enables all OpenBSD swap partitions found.
    If the swap partition is enabled, the maximum size of tmpfs is the sum of the size of the real memory plus the size of the swap partition.

    By the way, by copying some files of FuguIta to HDD partition, OpenBSD installed on HDD and FuguIta can coexist.

    1. Create a directory named "ISO" on a partition on HDD.
    OpenBSD ffs, Linux ext2-4, NTFS or FAT is OK for that.

    2. Copy decompressed FuguIta ISO image to the "ISO" directory.

    3. Copy the FuguIta kernels (/sysmedia/bsd-fi and /sysmedia/ files on running FuguIta) to the OpenBSD root partition of HDD.

    4. At the boot prompt at HDD startup, enter as follows.
    or "bsd-fi" for uniprocessor kernel

    5. optional: If you made a directory called "livecd-config" on any FFS partition, you can save? all your files, installed packages, etc on Running FuguIta, then you can load? them at next boot.

    Please give it a try. -- kaw? 2018-05-24 (Thu) 10:04:42
  • Thanks K. That all worked excepting 5. I can't seem to get that to work. I tried using one of the HDD installed OpenBSD partitions and added a livecd-config folder, but when I run usbfadm it doesn't see that. I suspect I should be using another non HDD OpenBSD ffs partition? I like fuguita very much, its quite similar to Puppy Linux frugal install is many respects. -- Rufwoof? 2018-05-24 (Thu) 19:24:59
  • As I forgot to mention, the ffs partition which will be created "livecd-config" on, needs to be something other than the one that created "ISO". Because, the partition of "ISO" is mounted read-only all the time during FuguIta's operation.
    The partition of "livecd-config" must be ffs. It doesn't matter it's HDD or non-HDD.
    I have heard that FuguIta is similar to Puppy Linux before. Thanks -- kaw? 2018-05-24 (Thu) 21:01:31
  • Thanks. I've since done a HDD install, and set it to non interactive at bootup as per your help pages and that is working well for me. I'm saving using /boottmp/usbfadm before shutdown. I haven't seen anything yet about upgrading when a new/later ISO comes out, does that involve having to re-reinstall all over again? -- Rufwoof? 2018-05-24 (Thu) 21:59:56
  • More usually under standard OpenBSD I use openup (Mtier) to upgrade things. I guess that could also be used under FuguIta -- Rufwoof? 2018-05-24 (Thu) 22:01:50
  • The FuguIta upgrade procedure is described in the FuguIta Guide.
    This is a comprehensive document about FuguIta, the original version is written in Japanese.
    For the upgrade, please refer to this part? (Google translate is your friend).
    In any case, the best way to upgrade FuguIta is to download the new version and replace it with the old one.
    FuguIta combines read-only and read-write parts. This point is very different from OpenBSD.
    So, unfortunately, syspatch will not work well (since it is not a GENERIC kernel, especially in the case of kernels).
    If the base OpenBSD version has not changed, the data saved under livecd-config can be used as it is.
    If the version has changed, I think that you will manually migrate the data in livecd-config to the new environment. -- kaw? 2018-05-25 (Fri) 10:25:38

Changing default boot parameters

Chevyawesome? (2018-04-26 (Thu) 23:44:57)

Hey, I want to build a LiveCD and make so that upon boot it will apply the language and disk to use on it∏s own ( as of now it requires me manually pressing enter a couple times and selecting keyboard layout to boot), I steered a way to change the default settings for this?, and if so, how can I achieve this

  • If you use the LiveUSB version of FuguIta, your settings are able to be saved. And it is also able to extract at later boot time. Please refer operation example for that. -- kaw? 2018-04-28 (Sat) 01:38:23
  • yes, but is it possible to change them on the LiveCD?, so it won't ask me for keyboard layouts and location of the system? -- Chevyawesome? 2018-04-29 (Sun) 21:15:34
  • just to be clear, I want the system to boot with a pre-configured root password and not having to input it manually each time (on specifically LiveCD, I am NOT interested in the liveUSB because it is rewriteable) -- Chevyawesome? 2018-04-29 (Sun) 22:46:59
  • OK, I see. You want to have your own LiveCD. So please refer FuguIta/FAQ/SelfBuild?.
    To not ask at boot time, modify /boottmp/rc script as you like:
    make open-rdroot
    vi rdroot/boottmp/rc
    make close-all

    -- kaw? 2018-04-30 (Mon) 15:14:38

how to get OpenBSD file tree?

shaman123? (2018-04-24 (Tue) 23:45:33)

hey, I'm trying to build my own liveCD of OpenBSD, and I'm stuck at the stage of the tutorial where I need to cd to my OpenBSD file tree:
"Whole OpenBSD file tree which will be burned in the ISO image" where can I get this?

  • The simplest way to do it is that you will install normal OpenBSD on any disk device, and copy whole installed files and directories into build tool.

    As the second solution, *.tgz tarballs from OpenBSD's official distribution is also usable. But in this case, you must extract /var/sysmerge/etc??.tgz (and xetc??.tgz) after extract distributed tarballs. -- kaw? 2018-04-25 (Wed) 14:09:02
  • In any case, total size of file tree must be less than 700MB, or you must delete any unnecessary files to fit ISO image of CD. -- kaw? 2018-04-25 (Wed) 14:45:33
  • very helpful! I will try!, also, is there a was to do the same but LiveDVD (just so I can fit more)? -- shaman123? 2018-04-25 (Wed) 16:21:35
  • Although I've never been made LiveDVD with FuguIta's way, I'm guessing it is the same as LiveCD's way.
    But, some sizes of image files, partitions and file systems should be changed to fit to the size of DVD media.
    In addition to that, size of media (700MB) is hard coded in the utility "usbfadm".
    This must be also changed. -- kaw? 2018-04-29 (Sun) 12:22:53

build tools

kaw? (2018-04-18 (Wed) 21:01:03)

Build tools for FuguIta 6.3 was located under tools directory

FuguIta 6.3

kaw? (2018-04-09 (Mon) 11:58:36)

I'm working for FuguIta 6.3 release.
On this release, some issues occured;

  • tmpfs is broken on 6.3 kernel ... solved
  • X server doesn't read symlink of font file (for security reason) ... now working
  • etc...

Wait the release for some time, please.

  • ISO images for test was uploaded at test directory. See FuguIta/6.3. -- kaw? 2018-04-10 (Tue) 12:28:39
  • FuguIta 6.3 has been just released as FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201804122. -- kaw? 2018-04-13 (Fri) 10:56:42

inaccessible man pages in mode 2

aleksa? (2018-02-01 (Thu) 00:09:03)

Hi kaw!

I tried the latest FuguIta.img (6.2-i386-201801201) and noticed that in mode 2 the man pages are inaccessible (e. g. # man man gives ∑man: No entry for man in the manual.∏).

  • Hi, Aleksa. Thank you for the report. Changes made in 6.2 may be affected ... FuguIta/6.2/BTS/2. I will investigate, please wait for a while now. -- kaw? 2018-02-02 (Fri) 19:43:14
  • Please apply following patch;
    --- man.conf.old        Sun Feb  4 11:11:07 2018
    +++ man.conf    Sun Feb  4 11:08:20 2018
    @@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
     manpath /fuguita/usr/share/man
     manpath /fuguita/usr/X11R6/man
     manpath /fuguita/usr/local/man
    +manpath /usr/share/man
    +manpath /usr/X11R6/man
     manpath /usr/local/man
     # Options for terminal output.
    Now, I'm working for patch-005, 006 and 007. Above patch will be included, together. -- kaw? 2018-02-04 (Sun) 11:52:51
  • released 201802041 -- kaw? 2018-02-05 (Mon) 11:23:01
  • Thanks a lot ! -- aleksa? 2018-02-05 (Mon) 23:44:37

FuguIta 6.2 for arm64

kaw? (2017-10-20 (Fri) 11:42:05)

This is the test version. Here is a README:

Note about FuguIta-6.2-arm64 (test version)

* download miniroot62-arm64-fi.fs and FuguIta-6.2-arm64-201710241.img.gz from
  FuguIta's mirror site
* write miniroot62-arm64-fi.fs to a micro SD card
* unzip and write FuguIta-6.2-arm64-201710241.img.gz to a USB stick
* Attach the SD and the USB to RPi3, then boot.
* On FuguIta-6.2-arm64, networking is pre-configured.
   IP addr.:
   SSH port: 4272

* After boot started, about 75sec it replies for PING,
  and about 110sec SSH is available.
* Console device is still serial port.
  You can login via serial and network.
  (username = fuguita, password = fugu.ita)

System administration:
* Almost same as FuguIta i386/amd64, but 'newdrive' of usbfadm utility
  will not work properly. 'target', 'saveas' and 'sync' are OK.
* sd0d:/noasks is the file which holds FuguIta's auto-boot configurations.
* sd0d:/livecd-config/6.2/arm64/fuguita.orig holds the factory defaults.
  You can recover by overwriting fuguita.orig to fuguita directory.

Have fun!

Yoshihiro KAWAMATA
  • *+ -- Charlie Ebert? 2017-11-02 (Thu) 03:07:52


Charlie Ebert (2017-10-14 (Sat) 02:11:31)

Hi Kawa.
I tried 6.2 last night .fs and it was SLOW. Took over 2 hours to install. ran very slow after install and for head yery slow. I don't think their Intel Skylake stuff is working right.
It was disaster.
Waiting for Fugulta 6.2

Think their install6.2.fs image is bad

  • Charlie, I have just made beta version of FuguIta 6.2 . Try it. -- kaw? 2017-10-14 (Sat) 10:42:00
  • downloading. Will write tomorrow Kaw. need test time dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda being done. Plan on stalling this to sda -- ce? 2017-10-14 (Sat) 12:06:26
  • Kaw. I had to work today. But I did get it installed to USbdisk. it is slow. I need to make xorg.conf and disable trackpad a it's out of control, at least tweak the trackpak. And do some research on what might be needed in xorg.conf with reguards to skylake intell. -- ce? 2017-10-15 (Sun) 12:52:57
  • from a conole standpoint FuguIta 6.2 is all working fine. I have made encypted install, used ssh to access my severs, used usbfadm to sync everything worked very good. -- ce? 2017-10-15 (Sun) 12:55:06
  • Have downloaded i386 FuguIta. Seeking relief from Skylake and i2c code. Will test tonight. -- [[Charlie Ebert ]] 2017-10-16 (Mon) 04:16:07
  • Today I did a brief test of FuguIta-6.2-i386-201710131.iso.gz I have made a video of my failure to boot this image from a dvd. -- ce? 2017-10-16 (Mon) 11:31:39
  • -- ce? 2017-10-16 (Mon) 11:32:26
  • Charlie, very thanks for the report. I watched the video. It seems a problem of video chip and/or its kernel driver. 1) When booting disabling video driver by UKC, does the machine still fail to boot? 2) What about other machine by booting the DVD? -- kaw? 2017-10-16 (Mon) 13:35:02
  • Kaw. I drive a Semi Truck for a living and currently only have this one Dell 4G Ram laptop with me. but I do own a dozen other laptos at my home in Oklahoma. I typiclly use FuguIta I386 on my Dell mini 10 with 1G of RAM. We will have to wait until I get home to try other laptops. What do I do to disable UKC for my test on this laptop? -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 01:15:52
  • okay -c I will play with this kaw -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 01:37:04
  • boot /bsd -c but, I haven't run fw_update yet and have no drivers downloaded to disable yet? so, what was kaw wanting me to do???????? I did a ? and got a list of commands in UKC But, I didn't know what to do from there. Downloading Openbsd i386 install.iso and going to try that and see what happens. -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 01:49:20
  • -- [[ce ]] 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:11:41
  • how do I use UKC to disable video driver on FuguIta i386????? need example.. meanwhile,, i386openbsd.iso boots just fine to install ,,, hummmmmm -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:13:27
  • kaw put no fw_update blobs on dvd??? did he???? -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:14:16
  • booted FuguIta i386 in qemu under Linux. came up fine. /etc/firmware is full of blobs... trying to man the video driver first -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:29:07
  • After booting i386 FuguIta into qemu in Linux, I did man pages on all drives found in /etc/firmware.... -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:42:43
  • two of the drivers were for audio cards I'm assuming you use. The rest were all for ethernet or wifi cards which I"m also assuming you use. But, I could not identify any video card drivers using man on any driver found there. -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:43:36
  • I am left to assume you want me to disable some 'other' video driver found in the Openbsd kernel using UKC,,, but,, I just don't have a clue what that would be, OR how you would do that? You will have to give me instructions on this Kaw. -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:45:13
  • -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 02:48:15
  • I have reasoned out what I need to do now. Bring up FuguIta i386 in qemu again. Install NEWDRIVE to USBDISK in QEMU. Then boot up USBDISK in QEMU and delete all drivers in /etc/firmware. Next, rebood Fugulta i386 USBDISK on laptop and fw_update from ethernet port connection This should do the trick... -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 08:58:38
  • Charlie, your DELL laptop seems to be driven by 'inteldrm'. How is the following commands?
    boot> -c
    UKC> disable inteldrm
    UKC> verbose
    UKC> quit
    'verbose' shows result of detections for all drivers.
    BTW, I use DELL latitude D520 for development of FuguIta. Of course, it has no problem to boot both i386 and amd64. -- kaw? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 11:07:29
  • I've been working with FuguIta all evening here. Got the i386 to come up thanks to your help. I can not startx in i386 however, must write a xorg.conf file I suppose. And I've installed FuguIta AMD64 to a 2tb hard external drive and updated the drivers on it. -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 14:40:56
  • I have also made another video and posted on my bitchute place. -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 14:42:01
  • -- ce? 2017-10-17 (Tue) 14:42:19
  • Charlie, thank you for the video report. I found I missed to add 'machdep.allowaperture=2' in /etc/sysctl.conf . This is needed for some video cards including QEMU. Now rebuilding new version. Then at this version, you may not have to disable inteldrm at UKC hopefully. -- kaw? 2017-10-18 (Wed) 10:45:05
  • Thank you -- ce? 2017-10-19 (Thu) 15:15:40
  • After switching out laptop's OPENBSD and Fuguita are working just fine. The other mid range DELL used earlier had mother board damage and it was discovered . -- Charlie Ebert? 2017-11-02 (Thu) 08:41:29

Installed application man page

aleksa? (2017-07-15 (Sat) 05:16:53)

Hi jaw!
After booting in mode 0, installing an application, syncing and rebooting into mode 3 I cannot access the man page for the application.

# man wget
results in
man: /ram/usr/local/man//usr/local/man/man1/wget.1: ERROR: No such file or directory

  • Run makewhatis manually. or wait until next /etc/weekly will be executed. -- kaw? 2017-07-15 (Sat) 10:30:15
  • Running makewhatis worked. Thank you for help. -- aleksa? 2017-07-16 (Sun) 03:32:42
  • I have a plan to solve this problem at FuguIta 6.2 . -- kaw? 2017-10-16 (Mon) 13:40:41

Broken links

aleksa? (2017-07-13 (Thu) 05:57:01)

Hi kaw!
It seems the links to 0_README.SAMPLE.txt at quick start guide and faq to be broken.

  • Fixed it just now. Thanks for info me. -- kaw? 2017-07-15 (Sat) 09:57:31
  • Two instances of See " this operation example" in FAQ remain broken. -- aleksa? 2017-07-15 (Sat) 16:53:57
  • Fixied them too. Again, thanks a lot. -- kaw? 2017-07-17 (Mon) 10:52:56

MD5 & 6.1 tools

aleksa? (2017-07-03 (Mon) 23:28:52)

Hi kaw!
Could you plz add MD5 sums for FuguIta-6.1-*-201707011 files as well as the 6.1 tools?

  • Now, I'm working for the next release which is applying patch-014. Please wait.
    (Sorry for late reply)-- kaw? 2017-07-08 (Sat) 08:17:12
  • released FuguIta-6.1-*-201707091, tools/tools-6.1-*.tar.xz, and updated MD5 checksums. -- kaw? 2017-07-10 (Mon) 09:53:12
  • Thanks a lot! -- aleksa? 2017-07-10 (Mon) 11:32:14

Cleaning my keyboard up.

kaw? (2017-06-16 (Fri) 05:19:17)



kaw? (2017-04-15 (Sat) 10:11:41)

Now, I am working on the release of a new version of a FuguIta.

Former articles are at FuguIta/BBS/6.

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