FuguIta 7.0


  • FuguIta-7.0-*-202110241.iso
    • To accommodate release/machine differences, /mnt/noasks is now /mnt/livecd-config/RELEASE/MACHINE/noasks.
      usbfadm newdrive will create the noasks file in the new location.
      For backward compatibility, /boottmp/rc will read the noasks into either the old or new location at boot time.
      If there are noasks in both the old and new locations, rc will display a warning message and stop the non-interactive boot.
    • no fast boot cache yet
    • no preconfigured network settings on arm64 yet


  • FuguIta-7.0-*-202111191
    • Network configuration tool enhanced
      • In the normal case, except for the hostname, the configuration items can be used with the default settings by simply entering the ENTER key.
      • The protocol version to be used is "64" (both IPv6 and IPv4 can be used. IPv6 has priority in name resolution) is now the default.
      • IPv6 and IPv4 can now be configured separately.
      • For detailed usage, see this.
  • FuguIta-7.0-*-202112291
    • Distribution image changes
      The disk partitioning of the distribution images for the i386 and amd64 platforms has been changed from Hybrid MBR to traditional MBR.
      This distribution image contains an EFI Sys partition, so it can be booted from either Legacy BIOS or UEFI as before.
      Furthermore, once a Hybrid MBR has been created, it has been very difficult to change its contents, but from this release it is now possible to make changes to the partition using OpenBSD's fdisk and disklabel tools.
  • usbfadm feature additions
    • On the amd64 platform, when executing the newdrive subcommand, it is possible to create media that can be booted from either the Legacy BIOS or UEFI by selecting UEFI as the boot method and MBR as the partitioning method.
      In this case, the Legacy BIOS bootloader will be installed at the same time.
    • A new expand sub-command has been added.
      This allows you to expand the data storage partition to the maximum possible capacity. There are two ways to expand a partition: growfs, which preserves the data in the partition, and newfs, which formats a new partition. Naturally, all existing data will be lost if you use newfs. However, newfs will create a file system with parameters appropriate to the size of the expansion.
  • FuguIta-7.0-*-202201101
    • In the auto-startup file "noasks", it is possible to specify the parameters required for startup to eliminate manual input. For storage devices and data storage devices, DUIDs*1 are now added as comment lines.

      The DUID is the actual value of the device that has been remastered, so it can be used by commenting it out.

      This noasks file is automatically generated when you run the newdrive subcommand of the usbfadm utility or the expand subcommand with the newfs option selected.

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*1 Disklabel Unique IDentifiers
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