*FuguIta-5.3 [#e8248c62]
-[[''Test Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/test/]]

--2013-04-19 - First ISO image as a test release.
---Based on OpenBSD 5.3 (not official release yet)
---No additional application softwares

--2013-05-03 - Go beta.
---All softwares installed.
---Fixing some minor problems.

-[[''Official Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/]]
---first official release based on OpenBSD 5.3

---applied [[patch 001 to patch 007>http://www.openbsd.org/errata53.html]]
/// --FuguIta-5.0-201302042
/// ---applied [[patch001>http://www.openbsd.org/errata52.html#001_bgpd]]
/// ---sync to -stable (kernel and relayd updated)

Bug tracking system is at [[LiveCD/5.3/BTS]].
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