*FuguIta-4.7 [#xea01f87]
-[[''Test Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/test/]]

--2010-03-20 - First ISO image as a test release.
---Based on OpenBSD 4.7 (not official release yet)
---No additional application softwares

--2010-04-29 - FuguIta 4.7 goes beta.
---Based on OpenBSD 4.7 (not official release yet)
---Additional application softwares are almost set up. ~
(If you find a bug, please report on it to [[me>mailto:kaw@on.rim.or.jp]].)

--2010-05-11 - FuguIta 4.7 goes RC.

-[[''Official Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/]]

---first official release
---build tools released too

---jfbterm (framebuffer console for several charsets) added
---supporting isobooster((http://multiboot-usb.yoshimov.com/))
---less memory usage at boot mode 1
---some minor fixes

---patch001 to 006 applied
---more some fixes for isobooster

---patch007 applied ~
RELIABILITY FIX: September 14, 2010 (All architectures) ~
Avoid calling scsi_done() more than once in gdt(4). Fixes a kernel panic triggered by syncing disks during shut down. ~
Clear the ITSDONE flag before issuing commands to the SCSI adapter. Fixes handling of retried SCSI commands. 

Bug tracking system is at [[LiveCD/4.7/BTS]].

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