* navi2ch-mona-enable doesn't take effect [#r190564f]

- ページ: [[LiveCD/4.4/BTS]]
- 投稿者: [[kaw]]
- 優先順位: 低
- 状態: 却下
- カテゴリー: to be set
- 投稿日: 2007-11-10 (土) 23:42:29
- バージョン: 

** メッセージ [#h9a12fc3]
Following line in ~/.navi2ch/init.el
 (setq navi2ch-mona-enable t)
but mona font will not displayed.

Manual way (M-x set-default-font) can
enable mona font.

- FIXED. by adding&br;(setq navi2ch-mona-face-variable 'navi2ch-mona16-face) &br;-- [[kaw]] &new{2007-11-12 (月) 14:09:23};
- No extra disk space for this - abandoned. --  &new{2008-11-27 (木) 22:39:51};


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