* 7.1-amd64 on Fujitsu FMVNC4BC3 [#h6e16152]
-Posted by kaw at 2022-11-13 (Sun) 20:04:46
-Release: 7.1-amd64-202209271
-Media: USB flashdrive
-Hardware: Fujitsu FMVNC4BC3 (CPU: Core2 T5500, 1.66GHz, Memory: 3302MB)

** Remarks [#na89fca2]
[[This machine>https://twitter.com/yoshi_kaw/status/1206620780697505792]]
No WiFi, run0 attached.
4GB swap and optional FFS partition in USB flashdrive
4GB swap and an additional FFS partition in USB flashdrive


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