* 7.2-amd64 on HP Laptop 15-dw1xxx [#jdd75e98]
-Posted by Pascal at 2023-03-16 (Thu) 23:59:21
-Release: 7.2-amd64-202302271
-Media: USB flashdrive
-Hardware: HP Laptop 15-dw1xxx (CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4020 CPU @ 1.10GHz, Memory: 4085051392 (3895MB))

** Remarks [#l8dfd5d6]
I am trying to create a #FuguIta usb key with the following commands:
$gzip -d FuguIta-7.2-amd64-202302271.img.gz
#dd if=FuguIta-7.2-amd64-202302271.img of=/dev/rsd2c

but after an hour the process does not stop.
I have to use Ctrl-C to stop

Needs help please


-The default I/O block size of dd is 512bytes. This makes writing speed slow. Please add the block size option such as bs=1m. In my case, less than 70kbytes/sec by default, about 11Mbytes/sec with "bs=1m" option. #FuguIta &br;kaw


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