*Distribution [#j07db194]

Use FuguIta-*.''iso''.gz for ''LiveDVD''

and FuguIta-*.''img''.gz for ''LiveUSB''.

Please refer [[Start Guide>FuguIta/StartGuide]] for fundamental usage of FuguIta.

** file name conventions [#g35ef8a7]
         --- ----- --------- --- --+->compression method of the file
          |    |       |      |       * gz ... with gzip
          |    |       |      |
          |    |       |      +->type of the file
          |    |       |         * iso ... ISO image to burn DVD-R/DVD-RW
          |    |       |                  (Note that this is NOT for USB flashdrive)
          |    |       |         * img ... raw disk image for USB flashdrive, etc.
          |    |       |
          |    |       +->release of FuguIta
          |    |          format of yyyyddmmn
          |    |          n is the sequence number when released multiple a day
          |    |
          |    +->platform
          |       * i386  ... 32bit CPU of Intel Architecture
          |       * amd64 ... 64bit CPU of AMD/Intel Architecture
          |       * arm64 ... Raspberry Pi 3/4
          +->release of OpenBSD which this release of FuguIta based on

** Mirrors [#d50d1832]

Get the latest release from the mirror closest to you!

|https://fr.dl.fuguita.org/|Paris, France|
|https://jp1.dl.fuguita.org/|Niigata, Japan|
//|https://jp2.dl.fuguita.org/|Tokyo, Japan|
|[[COLOR(#808080){https://jp2.dl.fuguita.org/}>https://jp1.dl.fuguita.org/]]|Tokyo, Japan (out of service now)|
|https://jp2.dl.fuguita.org/|Tokyo, Japan|
//|[[COLOR(#808080){https://jp2.dl.fuguita.org/}>https://jp1.dl.fuguita.org/]]|Tokyo, Japan (out of service now)|
////|>|LinuxTracker.org&br;... seems currently outage under any problems|
//|>|CENTER:[[LinuxTracker.org>https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrents&search=&category=2046&active=1]]((2022/2/2 - Not updated due to upload failure))|

** Build tools and their source repository [#rf1f610e]

The build tools can be found in the ''tools'' subdirectory of the mirror sites shown above.
If you want to build FuguIta yourself, please refer to [[the development section of the FuguIta Guide>fge4:build_fuguita]].

There is [[a copy of FuguIta's private CVS repository>https://github.com/ykaw/FuguIta]] on GitHub, where you can browse the repository for FuguIta's development tools.

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