*Distribution [#p98d97cf]

The ISO image ''cannot be used for LiveUSB'', it is only for LiveDVD. ~
Please download the ''*.img.gz'' file (raw disk image) to make LiveUSB. 

Please refer [[Start Guide>FuguIta/StartGuide]] for fundamental usage of FuguIta.

** Mirrors [#n598e1f6]

Get the latest release from the mirror closest to you!

|https://fr.dl.fuguita.org/|Paris, France|
|https://jp1.dl.fuguita.org|Niigata, Japan|
|https://jp2.dl.fuguita.org/|Tokyo, Japan|
//|>|LinuxTracker.org&br;... seems currently outage under any problems|
|>|CENTER:[[LinuxTracker.org>https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrents&search=&category=2046&active=1]]((2022/2/2 - Not updated due to upload failure))|

** file name conventions [#yd00352a]
         --- ----- --------- --- --+->compression method of the file
          |    |       |      |       * gz ... with gzip
          |    |       |      |
          |    |       |      +->type of the file
          |    |       |         * iso ... ISO image to burn DVD-R/DVD-RW
          |    |       |                  (Note that this is NOT for USB flashdrive)
          |    |       |         * img ... raw disk image for USB flashdrive, etc.
          |    |       |
          |    |       +->release of FuguIta
          |    |          format of yyyyddmmn
          |    |          n is the sequence number when released multiple a day
          |    |
          |    +->platform
          |       * i386  ... 32bit CPU of Intel Architecture
          |       * amd64 ... 64bit CPU of AMD/Intel Architecture
          |       * arm64 ... Raspberry Pi 3/4
          +->release of OpenBSD which this release of FuguIta based on

* Build tools and their source repository [#vcad20e9]

The build tools can be found in the ''tools'' directory of the mirrors sites above.
The build tools can be found in the ''tools'' directory of the mirror sites above.
If you want to build FuguIta yourself, please refer to [[the development section of the ĥ>ĥ#l691fd75]].

There is [[a copy of FuguIta's private CVS repository>https://github.com/ykaw/FuguIta]] on GitHub, where you can browse the repository for FuguIta's development tools.

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