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kaw (2020-07-22 (Wed) 15:27:51)

Open Source Conference 2020 Online/Niigataが7月25日(土)に開催されます。
今回はオンラインでの開催になります。 の開催概要ページよりZoom参加に登録頂くか、YouTube Liveにてご視聴下さい。

Open Source Conference 2020 Online/Niigata will be held on Saturday, July 25th.
This event will be held online and I will have a 15 minute talk about #FuguIta in the name of EBUG (Echigo BSD Users Group).
Please register for Zoom participation from the overview page of , or watch it on YouTube Live.

Boot mode difference

Fugu (2020-07-19 (Sun) 15:51:32)

Hello Kaw:

Is there a difference in boot mode of OpenBSD and #FuguIta? I have a Dell PC where OpenBSD is very slow without disabling acpimadt whereas #FuguIta has no such problems.

Any guidance will be gratefully received.

Thank you.

If FuguIta runs slow as OpenBSD with this procedure, the problem could lay on internal disk device. -- kaw 2020-07-21 (Tue) 16:28:11

and one other escaping attention now.
To this end, I started reading through the show and list variables in the UKC config and found that #FuguIta has a lot more that get initialized than vanilla OpenBSD. When that did not work out, I once again disabled acpimadt, installed the operating system and waited for it to boot. The scenario now stood at reordering libraries (library_aslr). I let it complete the first time and then disabled the service via rcctl. This made a dramatic impact on reboot.
Presently, after having run sysupgrade (following -current), the performance is acceptable as good as on a ThinkPad.
My speculation is to do with the execute bit. I haven't read the source code to be certain of this but would appreciate your knowledgeable thoughts on it. I will try the above solution if video and browser performance in unacceptable with my continued testing. -- Fugu 2020-07-21 (Tue) 19:37:36

Former articles are at FuguIta/BBS/9.

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