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kaw (2020-07-22 (Wed) 15:27:51)

Open Source Conference 2020 Online/Niigataが7月25日(土)に開催されます。
今回はオンラインでの開催になります。 の開催概要ページよりZoom参加に登録頂くか、YouTube Liveにてご視聴下さい。

Open Source Conference 2020 Online/Niigata will be held on Saturday, July 25th.
This event will be held online and I will have a 15 minute talk about #FuguIta in the name of EBUG (Echigo BSD Users Group).
Please register for Zoom participation from the overview page of, or watch it on YouTube Live.

Boot mode difference

Fugu (2020-07-19 (Sun) 15:51:32)

Hello Kaw:

Is there a difference in boot mode of OpenBSD and #FuguIta? I have a Dell PC where OpenBSD is very slow without disabling acpimadt whereas #FuguIta has no such problems.

Any guidance will be gratefully received.

Thank you.

If FuguIta runs slow as OpenBSD with this procedure, the problem could lay on internal disk device. -- kaw 2020-07-21 (Tue) 16:28:11

and one other escaping attention now.
To this end, I started reading through the show and list variables in the UKC config and found that #FuguIta has a lot more that get initialized than vanilla OpenBSD. When that did not work out, I once again disabled acpimadt, installed the operating system and waited for it to boot. The scenario now stood at reordering libraries (library_aslr). I let it complete the first time and then disabled the service via rcctl. This made a dramatic impact on reboot.
Presently, after having run sysupgrade (following -current), the performance is acceptable as good as on a ThinkPad.
My speculation is to do with the execute bit. I haven't read the source code to be certain of this but would appreciate your knowledgeable thoughts on it. I will try the above solution if video and browser performance in unacceptable with my continued testing. -- Fugu 2020-07-21 (Tue) 19:37:36

  • Summary Update: During upgrade/install, the acpimadt needs to be disabled during runtime only. All things work except for the cpu temperature which is stuck at a very high inordinate value. The only similarity found is when the install medium is flash disk. Fans, hibernate, sleep - power management; userland setup; networking have no problems. Interestingly, #FuguIta also spends some time in kernel reordering but being a ram-mounted filesystem, the time spent is comparatively smaller. This is a two-hard drive machine and OpenBSD live USB is now getting stuck before Install/Upgrade/Interrupt message prompt (custom part of #FuguIta) - seems to be directly correlational to number of partitions. Pressing power option still gives back the prompt. Although the device will not be high workload intensive, lack of temperature monitoring (#FuguIta live also lists the same numbers) is unnerving. -- Fugu 2020-07-22 (Wed) 14:55:26

Former articles are at FuguIta/BBS/9.

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