*'' '''Fugu'''Ita'' - '' '''Open'''BSD-based Live System'' [#b073af7c]
 RIGHT:Yoshihiro Kawamata~
 kaw@on.rim.or.jp ~
 **[[Release 6.9>FuguIta/6.9]] [#c0969829]
 FuguIta 6.9 was first released on 10th, May, 2021. This is based on [[OpenBSD 6.9>https://www.openbsd.org/69.html]]. 
 --[[Patch 013 and 014 of OpenBSD 6.9>https://www.openbsd.org/errata69.html]] have been applied.
 --[[Patch 015 of OpenBSD 6.9>https://www.openbsd.org/errata69.html]] has been applied.
 **What is FuguIta? [#z48eecb3]
 FuguIta is an OpenBSD-based Live System.
 -supported platforms
 --i386 - the Intel i386 architecture and compatible processors
 --amd64 - AMD64-based systems
 --arm64 - 64-bit ARM systems (preconfigured for Raspberry Pi 3)
 --ISO image files for LiveDVD
 --disk image files for other Live devices (USB, SD, HDD, SSD...etc)
 ***Features [#l51b33f8]
 -''Close to a normal OpenBSD installation''
 >FuguIta is designed to be as similar as possible to a normal OpenBSD installation, so you can log in and configure your system in the usual way, and most of the OpenBSD documentation is still available.~
 You can also add software using OpenBSD's ports/packages system.
 -''Support tools provided''
 --[[Save files>FuguIta/StartGuide#uea040b9]] and [[restore them at subsequent boot>FuguIta/StartGuide#l55eea8b]] (can be [[automated>FuguIta/StartGuide#ib622aa0]])
 --Easy setup utilities for [[desktop environments>FuguIta/StartGuide#r3782537]] and [[network>FuguIta/BBS/10#r8011bc5]]
 --Remastering (and customizing) of [[LiveUSB>FuguIta/StartGuide#q4366f48]] and [[LiveDVD>FuguIta/BBS/10#b44793c3]]~
 You can [[create an encrypted partition>FuguIta/BBS/9#i79876b5]] in a LiveUSB.
 --[[Updater>FuguIta/BBS/10#kc657395]] for easy and safe updating LiveUSB
 -''Flexible Operation''
 --Various boot modes according to HW specifications~
 For example, it can complete booting with only 64MB of memory. (i386, mode 1, no X)
 --Live system but [[non-interactive boot>河豚板ガイド#b493ab9a]] is possible
 --Can support anomalous hardware configurations [[by attaching multiple FuguIta devices>https://twitter.com/yoshi_kaw/status/1364564391060852736]].
 -''Tracking errata''
 >In addition to the semi-annual releases, we also create and release support for OpenBSD errata (security fixes and feature enhancements) that occur in between.
 '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' (&ref(fuguita.gif);) stands for "Blowfish Disk" in Japanese. ''Fugu'' means blowfish, and ''Ita'' means something flat such as a plate, a disk or a board etc... ~
 Some Japanese might associate those who cook when hearing Ita.
 For them, so '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' also means "Blowfish Cook" as double meaning.
 [[The introduction video of FuguIta>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wPSr1WPH3U&cc_load_policy=1&cc_lang_pref=en]] (with auto-translated subtitles) is available on YouTube.
 **Contents [#f44edeaa]
 -[[FuguIta/StartGuide]] ... The start guide of FuguIta, ''please read this first''.
 -[[FuguIta/Download]] ... Links to download source
 -[[FuguIta/ScreenShots]] ... FuguIta at various situations
 -[[FuguIta/BBS]] ... Leave your messages.
 -[[FuguIta/Links]] ... Other OpenBSD-based Live Systems.
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