*'' '''Fugu'''Ita'' - '' '''Open'''BSD-based Live System'' [#b073af7c]
 RIGHT:Yoshihiro Kawamata~
 kaw@on.rim.or.jp ~
 **[[Release 7.0>FuguIta/7.0]] [#c0969829]
 FuguIta 7.0 was first released on 1st, Nov, 2021. This is based on [[OpenBSD 7.0>https://www.openbsd.org/70.html]]. 
 --In the auto-startup file "noasks", it is possible to specify the parameters required for startup to eliminate manual input. For storage devices and data storage devices, DUIDs are now added as comment lines. ~
 --In the auto-startup file "noasks", it is possible to specify the parameters required for startup to eliminate manual input. For storage devices and data storage devices, DUIDs(([[Disklabel Unique IDentifiers>https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq14.html]])) are now added as comment lines. ~
 The DUID is the actual value of the device that has been remastered, so it can be used by commenting it out. ~
 This noasks file is automatically generated when you run the newdrive subcommand of the usbfadm utility or the expand subcommand with the newfs option selected.
 **What is FuguIta? [#z48eecb3]
 FuguIta is an OpenBSD-based Live System.
 -supported platforms
 --i386 - the Intel i386 architecture and compatible processors
 --amd64 - AMD64-based systems
 --arm64 - 64-bit ARM systems (preconfigured for Raspberry Pi 3)
 --ISO image files for LiveDVD
 --disk image files for other Live devices (USB, SD, HDD, SSD...etc)
 ***Features [#l51b33f8]
 -''Close to a normal OpenBSD installation''
 >FuguIta is designed to be as similar as possible to a normal OpenBSD installation, so you can log in and configure your system in the usual way, and most of the OpenBSD documentation is still available.~
 You can also add software using OpenBSD's ports/packages system.
 -''Support tools provided''
 --[[Save files>FuguIta/StartGuide#uea040b9]] and [[restore them at subsequent boot>FuguIta/StartGuide#l55eea8b]] (can be [[automated>FuguIta/StartGuide#ib622aa0]])
 --Easy setup utilities for [[desktop environments>FuguIta/StartGuide#r3782537]] and [[network>FuguIta/BBS/10#r8011bc5]]
 --Remastering (and customizing) of [[LiveUSB>FuguIta/StartGuide#q4366f48]] and [[LiveDVD>FuguIta/BBS/10#b44793c3]]~
 You can [[create an encrypted partition>FuguIta/BBS/9#i79876b5]] in a LiveUSB.
 --[[Updater>FuguIta/BBS/10#kc657395]] for easy and safe updating LiveUSB
 -''Flexible Operation''
 --Various boot modes according to HW specifications~
 For example, it can complete booting with only 70MB of memory. (i386, mode 1, no X)
 --Live system but [[non-interactive boot>ĥ#b493ab9a]] is possible
 --Can support anomalous hardware configurations [[by attaching multiple FuguIta devices>https://twitter.com/yoshi_kaw/status/1364564391060852736]].
 -''Tracking errata''
 >In addition to the semi-annual releases, we also create and release support for OpenBSD errata (security fixes and feature enhancements) that occur in between.
 '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' (&ref(fuguita.gif);) stands for "Blowfish Disk" in Japanese. ''Fugu'' means blowfish, and ''Ita'' means something flat such as a plate, a disk or a board etc... ~
 Some Japanese might associate those who cook when hearing Ita.
 For them, so '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' also means "Blowfish Cook" as double meaning.
 [[The introduction video of FuguIta>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wPSr1WPH3U&cc_load_policy=1&cc_lang_pref=en]] (with auto-translated subtitles) is available on YouTube.
 **More Information [#f44edeaa]
 -''[[FuguIta Start Guide>FuguIta/StartGuide]]'' - COLOR(red){'''Please read this first!'''}
 >A guide to setting up and fundamental usage of FuguIta.
 -''FuguIta Guide''
 >A comprehensive document of FuguIta - setting up, fundamental and advanced usage, development.~
 ~*[[ĥ]] (FuguIta Gaido) ... Japanese original version&br;*[[FuguIta-Guide>https://liquorstane.ynh.fr/fuguita/]] ... English version translated by Alfredo Vogel 
 -[[FuguIta/Download]] ... Links to download source
 -[[FuguIta/ScreenShots]] ... FuguIta at various situations
 -[[FuguIta/BBS]] ... Leave your messages.
 -[[FuguIta/Links]] ... Other OpenBSD-based Live Systems.
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