*FuguIta at booting [#s2cdd162]
 |Select FuguIta's device after the logo|
 |Select boot mode - mode 0 at first|
 |After FuguIta's settings, vanilla OpenBSD operations begin|
 *FuguIta's tool - easy to use [#va9d4bb2]
 Following pictures can be enlarged by clicking.
 |dtjsetup ... setting up DeskTop/Japanese environment by detsetup&br;from OpenBSD's default X environment|
 |usbfadm ... save files to USB flash drive by this utility|
 *Desktop environments [#j6a10d07]
 Following pictures can be enlarged by clicking.
 |[[ROX Filer>http://rox.sourceforge.net/desktop/]]+[[IceWM>https://ice-wm.org/]] - ultra light ... default by dtjsetup&br;(To congure app. icons, see [[this video>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHa28q162Qg]])|
 |[[ROX Filer>http://rox.sourceforge.net/desktop/]]+[[IceWM>https://ice-wm.org/]] - ultra light ... dtjsetup's default&br;(To configure application icons, see [[this video>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHa28q162Qg]])|
 |DeskTop (ROX Filer+IceWM) with various applications&br;|
 Various desktops can be selected to install from dtjsetup.
 |[[Xfce Desktop Environment>https://www.xfce.org/]]|
 |[[MATE Desktop Environment>https://mate-desktop.org/]]|
 |[[Limina Desktop Environment>https://lumina-desktop.org/]]|
 |[[LXQT Desktop Environment>https://lxqt.github.io/]]|
 ///***Window managers and Applications [#j9735b90]
 ///| &ref(fi_icewm.png,,40%); || &ref(fi_twm.png,,40%); |
 ///|IceWM and ROX-Filer (default) - Viewing root directory||twm - Reading/Writing emails with Mew|
 ///|cwm - Viewing OpenBSD journal||fvwm - Tcl/Tk console and Manual browser|
 ///To change window manager, see [[FuguIta/FAQ#pdcf6d6f]].
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