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 |RIGHT:mirror #1|RIGHT:http://mirror.ginzado.ne.jp/pub/FuguIta/|
 ///|RIGHT:mirror #2|CENTER:- out of service -|
 |RIGHT:mirror #2|https://livecd-mirror.ebug.jp/LiveCD/ &br; http://livecd-mirror.ebug.jp/LiveCD/|
 |RIGHT:mirror #2|https://livecd-mirror.ebug.jp/LiveCD/|
 FuguIta supports two boot medium. ~
 One is CD-R/CD-RW, the other is USB flash drive.
 To create bootable FuguIta system, you must take different way by medium.
 [[FuguIta/Start]] illustrates the each case of create CD or USB flash media.
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