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 **EFI support? [#ta4f84c5]
 >[[Mel]] (2019-08-26 (Mon) 17:06:02)~
 i try latest 6.5 image (amd64) on Lenovo T460s ... this Lenovo is configured for EFI boot. USB containing 6.5 #FuguIta image can not boot.~
 in site i see test image for 6.4 ... but mirror do not have the test images.~
 - Hi, Mel-san.&br;Thanks for using #FuguIta.&br;I've tested the latest image FuguIta-6.5-amd64-201908091. And it worked. My test machine for EFI boot is MacBook Pro.&br;Have you been able to boot FuguIta/amd64 on that Lenovo T460 before? -- [[kaw]] &new{2019-08-26 (Mon) 21:35:00};
 - this is first time trying to boot #FuguIta (amd64) on Lenovo T460s. this Lenovo is multi-boot. i have GRUB to boot Ubuntu or Windows 10. i manually select boot device (USB drive) in boot screen, but i return to boot screen. i will continue to check more. -- [[Mel]] &new{2019-08-27 (Tue) 08:59:26};
 - A LiveUSB of #FuguIta/amd64 can be booted with either legacy BIOS or UEFI. This is called "hybrid MBR", and very useful. But this functionality is not standardized and not official.&br; I think it's helpful to check other USB-bootable operating systems will boot from your Lenovo T460. -- [[kaw]] &new{2019-08-27 (Tue) 09:52:52};
 - I used Lubuntu DVD image on USB to install the 2nd OS, thus other USB-bootable OS can boot the Lenovo T460. I will try other USB device with #FuguIta image. -- [[Mel]] &new{2019-08-30 (Fri) 13:36:23};
 - I believe that you ungziped the downloaded image (#FuguIta-6.5-amd64-*.img.gz) before you wrote it into USB device. -- [[kaw]] &new{2019-08-31 (Sat) 09:30:33};
 **Mirror sites for download [#m456523a]
 >[[kaw]] (2019-05-12 (Sun) 08:49:09)~
 [[#FuguIta's download mirror sites changed and added>FuguIta/Download]]~
 Use the nearest mirror from your location.~
 **6.5 tools [#sdcc1d3e]
 >kaw (2019-05-10 (Fri) 14:26:27)~
 tools to create a live system based on OpenBSD 6.5~
 were uploaded at [[tools>]] directory.~
 Refer [[FuguIta/FAQ/SelfBuild]] for creating.~
 **updating FuguIta [#jbdaf323]
 >[[aleksa]] (2019-03-25 (Mon) 19:41:13)~
 Hello, kaw!~
 How can i update FuguIta? ~
 >For example, if i have the patched-014 6.4-i386-version with a bunch of installed apps running on a usb drive in mode 3,~
 is it possible to just substitute  that big FFSIMG on sd0a for the one taken from the patched-015 FuguIta-6.4-i386-201903231.img?~
 -Hi, Aleksa!
 >>How can i update FuguIta?
 >Yes, of course, you can do it.~
 (You know, LiveCD cannot be re-written, so in that case, prepare another CD media to burn newly released FuguIta)~
 There are some ways to update LiveUSB version of FuguIta.~
 I'll introduce two methods, for example.~
 -''method 1: replace the kernels and the filesystem image''~
 This is [[described in '''FuguIta Guide'''>FuguItaGuide#h2ce3537]] (Google Translate is your friend).~
 --1: Boot NEW USB with mode 0. (Boot time configurations may be the minimal)~
 --2: mount OLD USB (assume it's sd1)~
  # mount /dev/sd1a /mnt
 --3: copy NEW kernels and a filesystem image to old USB
  # cp /sysmedia/bsd-fi /mnt
  # cp /sysmedia/bsd-fi /mnt
  # cp /sysmedia/fuguita-6.4-i386.ffsimg /mnt
 --4: umount sd1, then halt
 --5: reboot NEW USB and confirm that's updated.
  # uname -a                  # OS version
  # sysctl kern.version       # kernel version
  # cat /usr/fuguita/version  # release of fuguita
 -''method 2: migrate installed apps, config files and your data to NEW USB''
 --1: Boot OLD USB with mode 3 you've been used until now
 --2: Invoke usbfadm, then attach NEW USB and change sync target to it
  # usbfadm
  Welcome to usbfadm. 
  USB flash drive administration tool for FuguIta
    Version/Arch: 6.4/arm64  (FuguIta-6.4-arm64-201903231)
       Boot mode: usbflash
  Data stored in: /dev/sd0d
   Data Saved as: aleksa_apps
  Type ? for help.
  sd0d : aleksa_apps ->target 
  Searching USB flash drives
  Please make sure the device inserted.
  Then press ENTER -> 
  sd0a +sd0d sd0i sd1a +sd1d sd1i
  target device->sd1d
 --3: Do 'sync' command to NEW USB
  sd1d : aleksa_apps ->sync
  Sync current tmpfs as ``aleksa_apps'' , OK? [y/N] -> y
  sending incremental file list
  sent 14,595,555 bytes  received 2,592 bytes  572,476.35 bytes/sec
  total size is 29,789,283  speedup is 2.04
  sd1d : aleksa_apps ->bye
  Bye bye...
  # halt  
 --4: Reboot with NEW USB, and check it's OK.
 >These procedures are valid when OLD and NEW USB are both based on same OpenBSD version. If it isn't (e.g. 6.4 to 6.5), you need to pkg_add manually on a new system, and need to migrate app's config files and your data files to NEW USB by hand.~
 Finally, I think method 2 is little bit safer. -- [[kaw]] &new{2019-03-26 (Tue) 01:10:40};
 - Updating #FuguIta by method 1 worked fine. Thank you, Kaw, for your work! -- [[aleksa]] &new{2019-03-26 (Tue) 22:57:30};
 - Aleksa, it's nice to hear that. FYI, a LiveCD version of #FuguIta is also OK for source of copying kernels and fs imgs. -- [[kaw]] &new{2019-03-27 (Wed) 02:48:36};
 **New feature: mount additional partitions [#vfc5e2b8]
 >[[kaw]] (2019-03-13 (Wed) 17:42:48)~
 Unlike most Unix-like OSes, #FuguIta does not mount them at boot time, even if the user writes partition entries in /etc/fstab.~
 That's because FuguIta scans the all partitions of attached disks to by the script /boottmp/rc. According to that result, it determines apropriate partitions (and vnode devices) to be mounted.~
 FuguIta generates /etc/fstab after the partition is mounted. Therefore, even if the user adds partition entries to fstab, they will be overwritten at next boot time.~
 To solve this problem, FuguIta-6.4-201903131 introduced the /usr/fuguita/etc/fstab.tail file.~
 Describe the partition entries to be mounted in fstab.tail  with the same format as /etc/fstab, save with usbfadm.~
 Those partitions will be mounted at next boot of mode 3.~
 Note that this is functional only when boot mode is 3.~
 **HDD install? [#u552dd93]
 >[[Vasile Guta-Ciucr]] (2019-02-28 (Thu) 23:37:23)~
 Can this live system be used to install to HDD, or is designed to work only live?~
 - Yes. FuguIta can be installed to HDD.&br;Please read "Can I install this LiveCD to HDD?" section at [[FuguIta/FAQ]]. -- [[kaw]] &new{2019-03-03 (Sun) 01:59:07};
 - Thank you! -- [[Vasile Guta-Ciucur]] &new{2019-03-04 (Mon) 03:51:01};
 Former articles are at [[FuguIta/BBS/8]].
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