* Migemo doesn't works on Emacs. [#d233aeab]
 - ページ: [[LiveCD/5.3/BTS]]
 - 投稿者: [[kaw]]
 - 優先順位: 低
 - 状態: 完了
 - カテゴリー: 
 - 投稿日: 2013-05-04 (Sat) 03:54:08
 - バージョン: 
 ** メッセージ [#o8840475]
 Reason: New function on Emacs 24.3 conflicts with migemo. ~
 This function is to isearch with whitespaces.
 Solution: A following line added in .emacs .~
  (setq search-whitespace-regexp nil)
 Another available solutions: The newest migemo.el works on
 Emacs 24.3 by default.
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