Bug Tracking System for FuguIta 4.4

LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4209着手malfunctionkawProblems on Playing Video
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4403着手kawArtwork needed.
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4412着手名無しさんsoftwares to be added
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/1完了普通to be setkawdir missing in /usr/nora/gauche/share/info
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/2完了普通to be setkawcan't read Riece's info
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/3完了to be setkawneed to modify terminfo DB for kterm
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4完了普通kawrdesktop missing
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/5完了kawfdadm should scan only single mfs
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/6完了new featurekawNon-interactive at boot time.
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/7完了普通misconfigurationkawUsbfadm-sync exhausts inodes at LiveUSB.
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/8完了to be configuredkawUnstable at low mem ( < 40MB )
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/9完了to be configuredkawRead Only Filesystem at pkg_add
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/10完了new featurekaweverything on mfs mode
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/11完了to be setkawcommented out noask_bootmode should be 3.
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/12完了to be codedkawinode density
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/14完了new featurekawmouting /fuguita
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4409完了to be codedkawin case of manual setup without DNS
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4410完了malfunctionkawnegative mfs size at large memory
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4413完了名無しさんfdadm should be invoke fdformat at first when mkfs run
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/3923提案機能追加川俣usbfadm, fdadmにnon-interactiveモード追加
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/13却下perform tuningkawOn cd9660-fs, hard-linked files hold corrent link count but every files has diffrent inode number
LiveCD/4.5/BTS/4216却下malfunctionkawSometime kernel panic occurs at shutdown


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