* On cd9660-fs, hard-linked files hold corrent link count but every files has diffrent inode number [#k8fa0751]

- ページ: [[LiveCD/4.5/BTS]]
- 投稿者: [[kaw]]
- 優先順位: 低
- 状態: 提案
- カテゴリー: perform tuning
- 投稿日: 2009-09-08 (火) 02:40:53
- バージョン: 

** メッセージ [#z0a27e0a]
Duplicate contents exist on cd9660 file system.
This causes increasement of total size of the file system larger than FFS which has same file tree.

It's about 30-40MB in case of FuguIta file tree.

Hard links may be converted to equivalent symlinks on CD9660.



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