* On cd9660-fs, hard-linked files hold corrent link count but every files has diffrent inode number [#k8fa0751]
 - ページ: [[LiveCD/4.5/BTS]]
 - 投稿者: [[kaw]]
 - 優先順位: 低
 - 状態: 提案
 - カテゴリー: perform tuning
 - 投稿日: 2009-09-08 (火) 02:40:53
 - バージョン: 
 ** メッセージ [#z0a27e0a]
 Duplicate contents exist on cd9660 file system.
 This causes total size of the file system larger than FFS which has same file tree.
 Hard links may be converted to equivalent symlinks on CD9660.
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