*FuguIta-4.4 [#df154e47]
 -[[''Test Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/test/]]
 --2008-11-01 - First ISO image as a test release.
 ---Based on OpenBSD 4.4
 ---No additional application softwares
 --2008-11-18 - First Beta Version
 ---with additional applications softwares
 ---but some bugs are in, maybe.
 --2008-11-27 - Release Candidate
 -[[''Official Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/]]
 ---patch 001 to 006 have been applied
 ---We are supplying USB Boot Image  FuguIta-4.4-200812111.usbimg.bz2 ~
 To use this, uncompress and write it into your USB flash drive.
 On OpenBSD, that is such as /dev/rsd?c .
 ---bsd.mp boots up by default ~
 For booting uniprocessor kernel, type ''bsd[ENTER]'' at ''boot>'' prompt.
 ---ISO/USB boot sequence (/boottmp/rc) more enhanced.
 ---patch 007 has been applied
 ---Saving userdata to USB drive has been enhanced a little.
 ---patch 008 applied ~
 named(8) did not correctly check the return value of a DSA verification function, potentially allowing bypass of verification of DNSSEC DSA signatures. CVE-2009-0025. 
 ---patch 009 applied ~
 Upon reception of an invalid update with 4-byte AS attributes, bgpd - adhering to the RFCs - closed the session to the neighbor. This error in the specification allowed 3rd parties to close remote BGP sessions. In the worst case Internet connectivity could be lost. 
 ---patch 010 applied ~
 bgpd(8) did not correctly prepend its own AS to very long AS paths, causing the process to terminate because of the resulting corrupt path. 
 ---patch 011 applied ~
 sudo(8) may allow a user listed in the sudoers file to run a command as a different user than their access rule specifies when a Unix group is used in the RunAs portion of the rule. The bug only manifests when the user being granted privileges is also a member of the group in the RunAs portion of the rule. 
 ---little enhancement in /boottmp/fdadm and /boottmp/usbfadm .
 ---patch 013 applied ~
 When pf attempts to perform translation on a specially crafted IP datagram, a null pointer dereference will occur, resulting in a kernel panic. In certain configurations this may be triggered by a remote attacker. 
 ---patch 012 (OpenSSL) not applied yet.
 ---patch 012 applied ~
 The OpenSSL ASN.1 handling code could be forced to perform invalid memory accesses though the use of certain invalid strings (CVE-2009-0590) or under certain error conditions triggerable by invalid ASN.1 structures (CVE-2009-0789).
 Bug tracking system is at [[LiveCD/4.4/BTS]].
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