*FuguIta-4.4 [#df154e47]
 -[[''Test Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/test/]]
 --2008-11-01 - First ISO image as a test release.
 ---Based on OpenBSD 4.4
 ---No additional application softwares
 --2008-11-18 - First Beta Version
 ---with additional applications softwares
 ---but some bugs are in, maybe.
 --2008-11-27 - Release Candidate
 -[[''Official Releases''>http://kaw.ath.cx/dl/pub/OpenBSD/LiveCD/]]
 ---patch 001 to 006 have been applied
 ---We are supplying USB Boot Image  FuguIta-4.4-200812111.usbimg.bz2 ~
 To use this, uncompress and write it into your USB flash drive.
 On OpenBSD, that is such as /dev/rsd?c .
 ---bsd.mp boots up by default ~
 For booting uniprocessor kernel, type ''bsd[ENTER]'' at ''boot>'' prompt.
 ---ISO/USB boot sequence (/boottmp/rc) more enhanced.
 ---patch 007 has been applied
 ---Saving userdata to USB drive has been enhanced a little.
 ---patch 008 applied ~
 named(8) did not correctly check the return value of a DSA verification function, potentially allowing bypass of verification of DNSSEC DSA signatures. CVE-2009-0025. 
 ---patch 009 applied ~
 Upon reception of an invalid update with 4-byte AS attributes, bgpd - adhering to the RFCs - closed the session to the neighbor. This error in the specification allowed 3rd parties to close remote BGP sessions. In the worst case Internet connectivity could be lost. 
 Bug tracking system is at [[LiveCD/4.4/BTS]].
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