* Sometime kernel panic occurs at shutdown [#ec445460]

- ページ: [[LiveCD/4.4/BTS]]
- 投稿者: [[kaw]]
- 優先順位: 低
- 状態: 提案
- カテゴリー: malfunction
- 投稿日: 2007-11-15 (木) 21:19:19
- バージョン: 

** メッセージ [#b10a831e]

- Maybe it is because mfs process will be killed before its filesystem unmounted.&br;Use ''/boottmp/shutdownfi'' for safe shutdown. This is a shell wrapper for /sbin/shutdown. Its synopsis is same as /sbin/shutdown's one. -- [[kaw]] &new{2007-11-19 (月) 22:10:03};
- Better solution proposal - modify /etc/rc.shutdown at boot time. (and check not to replay same modification...) -- [[kaw]] &new{2008-12-07 (日) 20:42:21};

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