* Xorg fails to start with some video cards. [#ya0627b7]
 - ページ: [[FuguIta/6.2/BTS]]
 - 投稿者: [[kaw]]
 - 優先順位: 重要
 - 状態: 提案
 - 状態: 完了
 - カテゴリー: to be fixed
 - 投稿日: 2017-10-18 (Wed) 11:09:01
 - バージョン: 
 ** メッセージ [#m71a2c3c]
 To add 'machdep.alloaperture=2' at /etc/sysctl.conf
 Thanks ce
 - FIXED -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-18 (Wed) 15:07:11};
 - Hi. Running FuguIta 6.2 i386 iso on a older Thinkpad x61s using the inteldrm driver, machdep.allowaperture=2 set: boots to login but still page faults at i915_gem_pwrite_ioctl+0x621 and drops to ddb when starting X.  Same inteldrm bug appeared after upgrading from OpenBSD 6.1 -> 6.2 installed on the same hardware. -- [[gube]] &new{2017-10-26 (Thu) 12:34:03};
 - Sorry, I don't know how to solve that issue exactly. As a workaround, I'm guessing disabling inteldrm at UKC (User Kernel Config). If OpenBSD project team will fix this bug, I'll apply the diff to FuguIta, A.S.A.P. -- [[kaw]] &new{2017-10-27 (Fri) 03:10:00};
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