*'' '''Fugu'''Ita'' - '' '''Open'''BSD Live System'' [#b073af7c]
RIGHT:Yoshihiro Kawamata~
kaw@on.rim.or.jp ~

**Release 6.8 [#c0969829]
FuguIta 6.8 was first released on 27th, Nov, 2020. This is based on OpenBSD 6.8. ~
We are providing both ISO images and raw disk images.

-[[Patch 013 of OpenBSD 6.8>https://www.openbsd.org/errata68.html]] has been applied.

**What's this? [#z48eecb3]
FuguIta is the Live System which was based on OpenBSD operating system and has following features;
:Similar to HDD installation|This Live System is intended to be similar to HDD installation as much as possible.~
After bootstrap completed, you can login to the environment like the one which was just installed on HDD.~
In this environment, many ordinary files have replaced to symbolic links. So you can replace or modify them by yourself.
:Portable workplace|You can save your own environment into Floppy Disk and/or USB flashdrive.  Then you will be able to retrieve it at next boot time.
:Low hardware requirements|FuguIta runs with 64MB of memory minimum (i386 platforms, without X, boot mode 1).
///:Additional Softwares|Some softwares were added from ports or building from other source packages. See the software list below.
///:Useful for Japanese users|Japanese-oriented softwares and fonts are added. And some other softwares are configured to be able to use Japanese.
:Following stable version|We're trying to track the OpenBSD-stable version, and to apply all errata patches.

Note: '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' (&ref(fuguita.gif);) stands for "Blowfish Disk" in Japanese. Fugu means blowfish, and Ita means something flat such as a plate, a disk or a board etc... ~
Some Japanese might associate those who cook when hearing Ita.
For them, so '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' also means "Blowfish Cook" as double meaning.

**Contents [#f44edeaa]

-[[FuguIta/StartGuide]] ... The start guide of FuguIta

-[[FuguIta/Download]] ... Links to download source

-[[FuguIta/ScreenShots]] ... FuguIta at various situations

-[[FuguIta/BBS]] ... Leave your messages.

-[[FuguIta/Links]] ... Other sites on OpenBSD Live Systems.
Search for [[more FuguIta related sites>http://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%22FuguIta%22+%22OpenBSD%22+-site%3Afuguita.org]]
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