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 *Frequently Asked Questions on FuguIta [#hbd3c3b8]
 **What can I do after boot? [#p05ab563]
 Almost same as normal OpenBSD installation on HDD. ~
 See afterboot manual page by running ''man 8 afterboot''.
 **How to change TimeZone [#s7282b52]
 Re-link /etc/localtime;
  cd /etc
  ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/YOUR-TIME-ZONE localtime
 Then set system clock if nessesary;
 Caution: date command causes your hardware clock changed.
 **Saving and restoring the modified files [#wb58c8f8]
 See [[this operation example>http://mirror.ginzado.ne.jp/pub/FuguIta/0_README.SAMPLE.txt]].
 **Adding other softwares [#c2de4582]
 See [[this operation example>http://mirror.ginzado.ne.jp/pub/FuguIta/0_README.SAMPLE.txt]], too. ~
 Usual way as in HDD installation. ~
 Packages and ports are also OK.
 **Changing window manager [#pdcf6d6f]
 Edit ~/.xinitrc
  xset +fp /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/japanese/:unscaled
  xset +fp /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/mona/:unscaled
  wm=twm   <---Edit this.
  case X"$wm" in
 Edit shell variable ''wm''. ~
 Available wm's are twm, fvwm, cwm or icewm.
 **Can I rebuild my own CD-ROM image? [#o9aa148f]
 See [[FuguIta/FAQ/SelfBuild]] for more details.
 **Can I install this LiveCD to HDD? [#e32746d7]
 See [[FuguIta/FAQ/InstallToHDD]] for more details.
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