*'' '''Fugu'''Ita'' - '' '''Open'''BSD Live System'' [#b073af7c]
 RIGHT:Yoshihiro Kawamata~
 kaw@on.rim.or.jp ~
 **The latest release [#t50dcc8b]
 FuguIta 6.0 was first released on 12th, Sept., 2016. This is based on OpenBSD 6.0. ~
 We are providing both ISO images and raw disk images.
 The latest releases of FuguIta 6.0 are;
 >On this release;
 -Added Wi-Fi settings at boot mode 0, 1 or 2.
 The following setting items appear only after selecting the wireless LAN device as the network interface.
  Wi-Fi SSID -> my-wifinet      <- Enter the SSID of the wireless LAN you want to connect
     WPA Key -> my-secrect-key  <- Enter WPA key
 If you enter ENTER only for WPA key and do not make settings, we will ask WEP key.~
 Since the WEP method is now easily decrypted, we strongly recommend that you use the WPA method without using WEP.
  Wi-Fi SSID -> my-wifinet
     WPA Key ->
     WEP Key -> my-wep-unsecured-key
 Note: Some wireless devices require firmware to be supplied by the device manufacturer, which may require installation of firmware for operation. In the meantime, configure the SSID and keys and complete the startup. ~
 Please configure the wireless LAN related settings after starting up and install the firmware.
 >On this release, [[patch017>https://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/patches/6.0/common/017_httpd.patch]] applied.
 **What's this? [#z48eecb3]
 FuguIta is the Live System which was based on OpenBSD operating system and has following features;
 :Similar to HDD installation|This Live System is intended to be similar to HDD installation as much as possible.~
 After bootstrap completed, you can login to the environment like the one which was just installed on HDD.~
 In this environment, many ordinary files have replaced to symbolic links. So you can replace or modify them by yourself.
 :Portable workplace|You can save your own environment into Floppy Disk and/or USB flashdrive.  Then you will be able to retrieve it at next boot time.
 :Low hardware requirements|Unless you will use X, this Live System requires 48MB of memory to run.
 ///:Additional Softwares|Some softwares were added from ports or building from other source packages. See the software list below.
 ///:Useful for Japanese users|Japanese-oriented softwares and fonts are added. And some other softwares are configured to be able to use Japanese.
 :Following stable version|We're trying to track the OpenBSD-stable version, and to apply all errata patches.
 Note: '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' (&ref(fuguita.gif);) stands for "Blowfish Disk" in Japanese. Fugu means blowfish, and Ita means something flat such as a plate, a disk or a board etc... ~
 Some Japanese might associate those who cook when hearing Ita.
 For them, so '' '''Fugu'''Ita'' also means "Blowfish Cook" as double meaning.
 ///**Software List [#kbfb91ba]
 ///|>|>|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(pink):Base System|
 ///|>|>|>|>|CENTER:OpenBSD 5.9 ... The Operating System|
 ///|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(pink):Network||>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(pink):Other tools|
 ///|fetchmail|POP/IMAP email client                              ||mpg321|free clone of mpg123, a command line mp3 player|
 ///|procmail|email processing filter                            ||vorbis-tools|play, encode, and manage Ogg Vorbis files|
 ///|w3m|text-based web browser&br;(images, tables, frames are OK)||bash|Bourne again shell|
 ///|rdesktop|remote desktop client&br; for MS Windows RDP        ||bzip2, zip/unzip, xz|file compression/expand tools|
 ///|rsync|remote file synchronization tool                       ||ddrescue|data recovery tool|
 ///|Mew|email user agent (works on Emacs)                        ||ttyrec|tty console recorder/player|
 ///|Riece|IRC client (works on Emacs)                            ||IceWM|Window Manager|
 ///|Emacs-w3m|web browser which works on Emacs                   ||ROX-Filer|File Manager|
 ///|DeleGate|multi-purpose proxy server                          ||Python|object oriented script language|
 ///|kismet|Wireless LAN detector                                 ||Tcl/Tk|Tool Command Language / Tool Kit|
 ///|netperf|network performance benchmark                        ||Emacs 24|text editor|
 ///|dnstracer|domain name system resolution tracer               ||>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(pink):For Japanese|
 ///|kermit|serial and network communication package              ||kterm|Kanji terminal emulator|
 ///|nsh|network config shell                                     ||jless|Japanized file pager|
 ///|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(pink):Media                                 ||nkf|character code converter|
 ///|lame|lame ain't an MP3 encoder                               ||freefonts, ja-fonts-funet, ja-fonts-gnu|Japanese fonts|
 ///|cdparanoia|CDDA reading utility                              ||ja-mplus-ttf, ja-sazanami-ttf|~|
 ///|mplayer/mencoder|media player/encoder                        ||Migemo, C/Migemo|Japanse direct incremental search|
 ///|xv, qiv|image viewer                                         ||Anthy, uim|Multilingual Input Method|
 ///|normalize|audio volume normalizer||||
 **Contents [#f44edeaa]
 -Quick Start Guide ~
 See [[this operation example>http://fuguita.org/dl/0_README.SAMPLE.txt]].
 -[[FuguIta/Download]] ... Links to download source
 -[[FuguIta/Start]] ... How to create boot media & to set up the system
 -[[FuguIta/FAQ]] ... Frequently Asked Questions.
 -[[FuguIta/BBS]] ... Leave your messages.
 -[[FuguIta/Links]] ... Other sites on OpenBSD Live Systems.
 Search for [[more FuguIta related sites>http://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%22FuguIta%22+%22LiveCD%22]]
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