• FuguIta-5.7-201504291shrinked
    • Removed stuffs which are not necessary for LiveCD.
  • FuguIta-5.7-201505104
    • first full-featured release based on OpenBSD 5.7
    • Patch 001 to 007 are already applied.
  • FuguIta-5.7-201506131
    • Changed mounting sysmedia-iso with RW to RO.
  • FuguIta-5.7-201508171
    • Patch 014 applied
    • Now usbfadm utility can install the live system into a vnode disk device.
      This is useful for creating a raw disk image.

Bug tracking system is at LiveCD/5.7/BTS.

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Last-modified: 2015-10-16 (Fri) 17:28:40 (2011d)