• Test/RC Releases
    • FuguIta-5.5-201404204simple
      • Based on OpenBSD 5.5 (not official release yet)
      • Just only OpenBSD installed.
    • FuguIta-5.5-201404231shrinked
      • Removed stuffs which was not necessary for LiveCD.
  • Releases
    • FuguIta-5.5-201405014
      • first official release based on OpenBSD 5.5
    • FuguIta-5.5-201405031
      • patch005 applied
      • An attacker can trigger generation of an SSL alert which could cause a null pointer dereference.
    • FuguIta-5.5-201405273
    • FuguIta-5.5-201406081
    • FuguIta-5.5-201408271
    • FuguIta-5.5-201409281
      • A patch applied for Bash shellshock vulnerability (CVE-2013-6271)

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