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Bug Tracking System for FuguIta 4.7

ページ名 状態 優先順位 カテゴリー 投稿者 サマリ
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/4209 着手 malfunction kaw Problems on Playing Video
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/4403 着手 kaw Artwork needed.
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/1 完了 to be configured kaw more file compression
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/3 完了 to be set kaw machdep.userldt not set
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/4 完了 kaw shrink under /var at mode 1
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/5 完了 kaw dead link of App Icon of ROX at mode 1
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/3913 完了 to be installed kaw missing kterm-rc
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/2 提案 普通 native bug kaw With jp106, cannot enter ']' and '}' .
LiveCD/4.7/BTS/6 提案 kaw X fails to start


Older References

LiveCD/4.6/BTS, LiveCD/4.5/BTS, LiveCD/4.4/BTS, LiveCD/4.3/BTS, LiveCD/4.2/BTS, LiveCD/4.1/BTS, LiveCD/4.0/BTS, LiveCD/3.9TODO

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