Bug Tracking System for FuguIta 4.3

ڡ̾ ͥ ƥ꡼ Ƽ ޥ
LiveCD/4.3/BTS/1 λ mulfunction kaw Filesystem full at boot time.
LiveCD/4.3/BTS/2 λ to be installed kaw "tiny" font not displayed on kterm
LiveCD/4.3/BTS/4 λ to be confiigure kaw Info of Gauche not displayed on Emacs
LiveCD/4.3/BTS/5 λ to be coded kaw mfs size limitation should be prompted
LiveCD/4.3/BTS/6 λ to be installed kaw 12pixel Japanese font required for kterm
LiveCD/4.3/BTS/7 λ to be installed kaw Migemo not active at W3M

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Last-modified: 2008-05-06 (Tue) 11:09:23 (5004d)