Bug Tracking System for FuguIta 4.2

ڡ̾ ͥ ƥ꡼ Ƽ ޥ
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/1 λ to be installed kaw `tiny' font not displayed at kterm
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/2 λ to be set kaw Migemo not work on Emacs and W3M
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/3 λ to be set kaw Cannot inc at Mew
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/4 λ to be set kaw Migemo not active on W3M by default
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/6 λ to be set kaw (terminal-init-bobcat) not set
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/7 λ to be installed kaw Some info files are not seen.
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/8 λ kaw wm2 in .xinitrc must be changed to cwm .
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/10 λ to be set kaw navi2ch-mona-enable doesn't take effect
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/11 λ to be set kaw Emacs built without Xaw3d
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/12 λ to be set kaw Newfsing floppy fails on /boottmp/fdadm
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/13 λ to be set kaw Emacs's inferior tcl mode fails
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/14 λ enhancement kaw single FS copy when usbfadmis syncing
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/15 λ to be set kaw Japanese characters garble in a kterm window
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/16 λ mulfunction kaw Sometime kernel panic occurs at shutdown
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/17 λ to be unset kaw xorg.conf exists by default
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/9 malfunction kaw Problems on Playing Video
LiveCD/4.2/BTS/5 Ѳ to be set kaw Emacs' window size is too large.

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Last-modified: 2007-11-10 (Sat) 07:58:50 (4913d)