Setting up at boot time

Select FuguIta's device after the logo
Selecttion of boot mode - at first boot, mode 0 recommended
After FuguIta's settings, vanilla OpenBSD operations begin

FuguIta's tools

Following pictures can be enlarged by clicking.

dtjsetup - setting up DeskTop (optionally Japanese) environment
usbfadm - save files to USB flash drive by this utility
fiupdate - Live Updater for FuguIta LiveUSB

Desktop environments

Various desktops can be selected to install from dtjsetup.
(following pictures can be enlarged by clicking)

ROX Filer and IceWM
ultra light dtjsetup's default desktopROX Filer and IceWM with various applications
To configure application icons, see this video

and following DEs available:

Work with other products

Click the link below to read the article describing how to work the product with FuguIta.

isotop_desktop1.png  &ref(): File not found: "PFFW-FuguIta.jpg" at page "FuguIta/BBS";
with isotop desktop setup scriptwith PFFW firewall software

The followings are examples of operation in conjunction with external hardwares.

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