FuguIta at booting

Select FuguIta's device after the logo
Select boot mode - mode 0 at first
After FuguIta's settings, vanilla OpenBSD operations begin

FuguIta's tool - easy to use

Following pictures can be enlarged by clicking.

dtjsetup ... setting up DeskTop/Japanese environment by detsetup
from OpenBSD's default X environment
usbfadm ... save files to USB flash drive by this utility

Desktop environments

Following pictures can be enlarged by clicking.

ROX Filer+IceWM - ultra light ... dtjsetup's default
(To configure application icons, see this video)
DeskTop (ROX Filer+IceWM) with various applications

Various desktops can be selected to install from dtjsetup.

Top / FuguIta / ScreenShots

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