FuguIta 6.8



  • FuguIta-6.8-*-202011011
    • Patches 001 to 003 of OpenBSD 6.8 have been applied.
    • FuguIta 6.8 for arm64 (Raspberry Pi 3) has been released.
      FuguIta for arm64 up to 6.7 had to write image files to each of the micro SD card for booting and the USB memory for operation, but in FuguIta 6.8, these two files are integrated and single. All you have to do is write to the micro SD card and boot.
      For details, please read the included README file.
  • FuguIta-6.8-*-202102021
    • usbfadm's newdrive subcommand now formats d partition with FFS2 when the size is 2GB or larger.
  • FuguIta-6.8-*-202102231
    • Some minor fixes for dtjsetup (desktop (and Japanese) setup utility).
      An error has used to occur when pkg_add didn't run but root privileges required for other operations.
  • FuguIta-6.8-*-202103161
    • Patch 017 of OpenBSD 6.8 has been applied.
    • In the LiveUSB version, we added a 64MB swap partition to stabilize the operation of the kernel.

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