FuguIta 6.5

  • Pre-Releases
    • FuguIta-6.5-i386-201904273.iso
      • This is expected to run normal, but no fast-boot-cache.
        (In case of CD-booting, I may feel that it takes some time)
  • FuguIta-6.5-{i386,amd64}-201905022.iso
    • These are the release candidates.
  • FuguIta-6.5-arm64-201905041.tar.gz
    • This is NOT pre-configured. Access to serial console is needed.
  • FuguIta-6.5-{i386,amd64,arm64}-201905081
    • applied patch-001 of OpenBSD 6.5
    • FuguIta-6.5-arm64 released
  • FuguIta-6.5-{i386,amd64}-201905191
  • FuguIta-6.5-amd64-201905301
  • FuguIta-6.5-*-201906111
  • FuguIta-6.5-{i386,amd64}-201907261
    • applied patch-006 of OpenBSD 6.5
    • upgraded LibreSSL to 2.9.3
  • FuguIta-6.5-*-201908061
    • applied patch-007 of OpenBSD 6.5
    • minor fix for usbfadm
      Initial check for current working directory has been broken (Syntax error of expr command occurred at the root directory). Fixed it.
  • FuguIta-6.5-amd64-201908091

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