FuguIta 6.4

  • Pre-Releases
    • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201810231beta.iso
      • This is expected to run normal, but no fast-boot-cache.
        (In case of CD-booting, I may feel that it takes some time)
  • Test Release
    • FuguIta-6.4-arm64-201901281
      FuguIta 6.4 for Raspberry Pi 3
      Download and extract FuguIta-6.4-arm64-201901281.tar.gz , then read README_arm64.
  • Releases
    • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201810292
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201810311
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201811041
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201812052
    • In this release, we've been improved FuguIta so that it can be used as a guest of vmm/vmd virtualization.
      It enables getty on /dev/tty00 when com0 is used as the console.
      This function can also be used for QEMU, hardware serial console, and so on.
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201812121
    • We modified /boottmp/rc so that the baud rate at login ​​are set to be same as the serial console's one.
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201812201
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201812291
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201901122
    • usbfadm (USB Flash drive ADMinistration tool) now can create a LiveUSB of FuguIta which can be booted from either Legacy BIOS or UEFI.
      In addition, usbfadm can create a LiveUSB which has both MBR and GPT. This is called 'Hybrid MBR'.
    • New usbfadm can create a raw disk image of FuguIta by specifying a vnode device.
    • FuguIta-6.4-i386-201901122.img has a hybrid MBR. Legacy BIOS bootable.
    • FuguIta-6.4-amd64-201901122.img has a hybrid MBR. Legacy BIOS/UEFI bootable.
    • Note: Re-partitioning of hybrid MBR is not recommended. If you wish to do so, create an another LiveUSB by usbfadm.
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201901171
    • Some fixes of usbfadm
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64,arm64}-201902021
    • usbfadm enhanced for architecure-depend diversity
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64,arm64}-201902081
    • fixed workaround for failure of UEFI firmware installation
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64,arm64}-201903061
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64,arm64}-201903131
    • New file /usr/fuguita/etc/fstab.tail introduced
      This file doesn't exist by default. If you create and save this file in the same format with /etc/fstab, this file will be appended after /etc/fstab at next boot time of mode 3.
      So you can mount additional disk partions.
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64,arm64}-201903231
    • applied patch-015
    • added the sparse flag (-S) to rsync in /boottmp/rc and usbfadm
  • FuguIta-6.4-{i386,amd64}-201903281

Bug tracking system is at FuguIta/6.4/BTS.

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