FuguIta 6.3

  • Pre-Releases
    • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201804091.iso ... a test version for debugging
      • This is expected to run normal, but no fast-boot-cache.
        (In case of CD-booting, I may feel that it takes some time)
  • Releases
    • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201804122
      • RC went to the first release of FuguIta 6.3
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201804181
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201804301
    • added workaround for tmpfs bug.
      At booting with mode3, pax may fail to copy some files when tmpfs paged out to swap partition.
      In this workaround, if pax failed, rsync will be invoked to retry copying.
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201805241
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201806161
  • FuguIta-6.3-amd64-201806191
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201806231
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201808011
  • FuguIta-6.3-{i386,amd64}-201808061
    • new tool gennetconfs ... Network settings at boot time was separated as a command.
      By this command, you can reconfigure network settings easily.
  • FuguIta-6.3-amd64-201808081
  • FuguIta-6.3-amd64-201809211

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