*OpenBSDを始めて使う方は [#l4c79815]
 **ログイン時に示される情報 [#z8af8088]
  OpenBSD/i386 (csfw1.localnet) (tty00)
  login: root
  Last login: Sun Mar 29 23:40:55 on ttyC0
  OpenBSD 4.4-stable (RDROOT) #4: Thu Dec 11 22:25:18 JST 2008
  Welcome to OpenBSD: The proactively secure Unix-like operating system.
  Please use the sendbug(1) utility to report bugs in the system.
  Before reporting a bug, please try to reproduce it with the latest
  version of the code.  With bug reports, please try to ensure that
  enough information to reproduce the problem is enclosed, and if a
  known fix for it exists, include that as well.
  You have mail.
  Terminal type? [kterm] 
  # mail                                                                  
  Mail version 8.1.2 01/15/2001.  Type ? for help.
  "/var/mail/root": 1 message 1 new
  >N  1 deraadt@do-not-re  Sat Nov  1 03:43   91/4856  Welcome to OpenBSD 4.4!  Se
  & more 1[ENTER]
  Message 1:
  From deraadt@do-not-reply.openbsd.org Sat Nov  1 03:43:43 MDT 2008
  Date: Nov 1 03:43:43 MDT 2008
  From: deraadt@do-not-reply.openbsd.org (Theo de Raadt)
  To: root
  Subject: Welcome to OpenBSD 4.4!  Secure by Default!
  This message attempts to describe the most basic initial questions that a
  system administrator of an OpenBSD box might have.  You are urged to save
  this message for later reference.
  For more information on how to set up your OpenBSD system, refer to the
  "afterboot" man page (i.e. after you exit the mail subsystem, type
  "man afterboot").  If you are not familiar with how to read man pages, type
  "man man" at a shell prompt and read the entire thing.  Pay specific
  attention to the "man -k keyword" option, which will permit you to find the
  man page you are looking for more easily; for instance, "man -k ethernet".  The
  GNU "info" subsystem is also installed with further documentation resources:
  to read info pages type "info".  (The info subsystem behaves like the
  popular emacs editor.)
  Again, PLEASE READ THE MANUAL PAGES.  Our developers have spent countless
  hours improving them so that they are clear and precise.
  byte 1151 <--(以降、スペースキーを入力して一画面ずつ読み進み)
  & s intro_mail.txt
  "intro_mail.txt" [New file]
 メールコマンドから抜けるには q を入力します。
  & q
 メールコマンドから抜けた後でファイル intro_mail.txt に保存された
 メールの内容を読むには、more (または less) コマンドを使用します。
  # more intro_mail.txt
 -マニュアルページを読みかたがよくわからない方は、「man man」とコマンドを実行し、まずマニュアルページ自体の説明を読んで下さい。
 -特定の事柄について調べたい場合は「man -k キーワード」というふうに -k オプションを付けて実行してみて下さい。例えば「man -k ethernet」のように。
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