copy /opt/fi/6.2 to /opt/fi/6.3
 build kernel based on
  GENERIC_6.3 and RDROOT_6.2
  and .MPs
    enable TMPFS
    more vnd's (add vnd4 and 5)
 build bootbin crunched binary
   makedev vnd{4,5}
   inject bootbin
 zero fill under fuguita/
 extract *63.tgz under syncroot/
   extract etc63.tgz from /var/sysmerge
   extract xetc63.tgz from /var/sysmerge
   remove lib*_p
   remove /usr/share/relink/kernel.tgz
 create /var/db/host.ramdom
 fix dandling symlinks
 disable KARL in /etc/rc
 MAKEDEV std under chrooted /dev
 ldconfig -m under chrooted /
 pkg_addr sync and rlwrapper
 dirs/files under /usr/fuguita
 fixed /etc/mtree/special
 fixed sysctl.conf
 man.conf and makewhatis
 add fuguita bin dirs to PATH
 mkfontdir, mkfontscale and fc-cache
 make /etc/rc.firsttime
 set timezone to UTC
 make /usr/fuguita/etc/mode0symlinks.cpio.gz
 remove /root/.ksh_history
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