Subject: Re: openbsd 4.0
From: "KAWAMATA Yoshihiro" <>
To: *
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 16:00:57 +0900 (JST)
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In short, how to build a LiveCD image is as follows;

0. All work should be done on OpenBSD 4.0

1. Get a build tool.


2. Extract it

    tar xvzpf tools-4.0.tar.gz

3. Copy kernel

    cd tools-4.0
    rm bsd.orig
    cp bsd bsd.orig

(Or compile your customized kernel using tools-4.0/lib/RDROOT,
then copy it to tools-4.0/bsd)

4. Copy your OpenBSD file-tree under tools-4.0/cdroot.dist

For example;

    cd cdroot.dist
    (cd YOUR-OPENBSD-FILE-TREE && tar cpf - .) | tar xvpf - .

5. Make an ISO image

    make livecd.iso

6. Burn it.

    cdio -f /dev/rcd0c blank             ( <- Only for CD-RW )
    cdio -f /dev/rcd0c tao livecd.iso

That's all.

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